Hi again!

The Christmas holiday is still rolling. Well, right now most people are asleep though, but still one more day. That means more sleep over hehe! Yeah, the gift trading day came and went as planned. I couldn´t see anything out of the ordinary on the news anyhow. I although invited the twins for the annual hour of Christmas cartoon clips at TV in my room and was surprised that neither France nor Luxemburg had this piece of beauty. Hehe guess it goes for others as well. Still sit there fixed following the same Disney classics as usual:)

When considering my family home at my mothers’ I’ve really been fortunate during Christmas, since there has been some kind of magic about it. Can´t say I´ve been that happy about situations all the time otherwise, but Christmas was always the day when things just seemed to work. Enchanted nights in the cozy living room illuminated by the lamps in the tree, creating shadows of warmth and color around people.

Spending Christmas alone as I tend to do come rather easy for me. With a quite reduced buffet I spent the evening watching Starcraft matches online and ended with some episodes of Sunes Jul. Hilarious:) The second thing I mean, the first is more awsome^^

Although, Christmas is a tough time for many people. One should not forget that many tend to cry themselves to sleep in loneliness, sobbing over the food. Others tend to have this glorious time for reflection destroyed by alcohol, that beside being rather annoying can drive people out of their homes. Not everyone has as easy calebrating alone as me, for example. I understand their pain but would recommend those to rather take use this occasion instead.

Yeah, Christmas tend to mean very different things for people. When celebrating with others I can just recommend blending the alcohol with the fire wood, there it has a more constructive use. That tend to solve many problems – I´ve heard.

So – about the formalities! The internship is nearing its end, manifested by questions from my supervisor about final reports concerning my internship. Someone seems to be reminded about the fact that now others are about to get insight about my time here^^. Yeah it´s a relief to go on! I can say that right away.

Concerning the thesis that has been greatly suffering from the nature of the internship has got another course correction again. There´s no time to get into the field of slaughter with, well so little time. So with a rather serious deadline coming up I don´t have much choice than changing game field… again. I´m going back to laser! Not really what I had in mind and it´s not the smoothest way of approaching these issues for me. I´ve been pondering this option during Christmas and feel I haven’t much choice.

One begins to wonder if there is some kind of meaning for certain things to happen:) Or is that connection more up to the ability to make use of the situations, one person from another. Well I can only hope there´s some reason. There are after all many persons that needs to be represented and one day hopefully helped. If I could get what I wanted out of it I would get class 2 under license demand as well.

I´ve not decided what to dive into; principle of caution; scrutinizing current standing models of danger assessments; getting more selections of data into scientific manageable game fields etc. What I know is that I´ve at least a fair chance to send some basic research proposal for the deadline. With or without a supervisor^^

By the way, have you heard that Chris Metzen quit? Feel a bit sad about it since he brought me so much joy during many years.


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