Dreaming progress

Hi again!

A new week and spent the last days a bit ill. Managed to get the thesis proposal into motion though. Some headlines with a pasted description from the how to do papers so far, but hey it´s progress.

I´ve also continued looking for accommodations. Was visiting one potential house in the outskirts of Uppsala yesterday. Rather worn down still from this cold that just won´t let me go. No cigarettes, room on the second floor, toilet far away from the landlord’s bed. Seems as a decent guy. A bit restraining towards the contract thing though. Make one wonder. It seems as a good place but it´s always exhausting trying to map what´s the deal with situations and feel so dependent on things to work all the time. I said yes anyhow and hope the door is opening when one arrive in a near future. Nice with a parental home to resettle in, but just have to push on the old fashion way.

Now the administration of the internship course went active again and I got a message reminding me that things are almost over. To my great delight I saw that I´m supposed to write an about 7 pages evaluation. Feels nice to handle alongside my proposal and internship. Yey!

Between the hours of half genuinely searching for articles I dreamt away on YouTube with some more clips. Fiction and facts alike. I like films and have until the adult child care centre followed best possible my favorite crews in USA of which I´m most fond of collaborators of James Cameron. I was reminded that it´s now 30 years since the launch of Aliens – one of my top 10. Can you believe it! 30 years and still has 8,6 at IMDB last I checked a year ago or something. I remember when I was about 15 and saw one of the Queen prototypes in real scale with my own eyes! Was reaching her knee with my head. That was a day of days I can tell you! Woooow. I remember her towering up over me in that exhibition tent outside the shopping mall. Regrettably, poor as my struggling mother was we had no money for a camera, but can still dream on the moment 15 years later:)

Here´s a link to a quick 30 year reunion interview with the core of cast and crew 30 years later reunion, including Cameron. Ah, one´s really reminded about how much I need to dream to focus onto the reality^^ Scope of Romantics I guess!

Just found some energy to read through some articles I found earlier today.


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