About the thesis I after many doubts just think about following the research proposal guidelines, to get things going. Just wait with the freaking core of the thing and let it come to me. I mean, I´ve been stuck wondering how other people want me to write and having the disposition. So I just think like – ah h#ll with it! Just start up some Word doc and begin writing down some crap. Much of these things I´ve realized during my years at the adult childcare center are psychological. If one can´t patter thinks like most.. we dreamers have to… well just begin.

So with that decision made I believe I´m gonna frame some kind of reply forms about some really “important” stuff to various stakeholders and then I´m gonna be the star student of the year or something. You know – progress, not perfection^^

Feel so tired from wandering. Now it´s time to just do something. Anything:P Right now it feels as a good choice. Guess things will turn out okay after someone just correct what I haven’t “pattered” the right way or whatever. As I said to the course leader after 6 years of this “I don´t understand a word they are pattering about”, concerning this strict academic frames, that I don´t think there´s more to it than that people trained as guinea pigs don´t know how to handle free thinking individuals when met with wider mindset and other ways “of doing it” than their own, they just short-circuit.

For years one has competed on other persons terms and it feel so good that I´m finally arriving to the last step here. If continuing to doc. it´s all about framing and pattering. Knowledge or even more so… wisdom.. almost leaves the focus from that point. Henceforth one can begin to use whatever I´m made off and apply it in somewhat own terms as advisor or something, that I´m aiming for. Make the knowledge thing and just throw these models and analyze “frames” to ¤#%¤#&%¤#.

Ah. Yes, that was nice to get off my chest. Not bad actually. To get half way through the master level, still the same retard in math as I were in the elementary school, I´ve must have made something right along my road^^ Clearly I´ve built my knowledge on other kinds of patterns than others.


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