Weekend and I´m in one of the computer halls at the Geo center for the first time in months:) I´m trying to get the thesis thing going. Last week I met with the thesis supervisor and some things got a bit clearer.

I guess it´s time to draw the first signs in the sand how to frame this thing:) Hehe like in the morning: one three! Well in any case it’s nice to have some change of environment. Now it’s one month to go at the internship and I can say it feels so good to see the end in the same calendar sheet!

It has been a very intensive period in many ways and I hope it has been worth all the trouble. I´ve learned so much about universal good and bad in the world. Anyhow it´s December and one can tell inhabitants in Uppsala has lots of anticipation about Christmas.

I wonder although if it’s time to leave Uppsala by the beginning of the thesis for another, less crowded city. Still within Mälardalen Valley though! My home town Västerås could be a good choice, since it lying in the center of the region. It´s fairly close to both relatively big AND small cities all around. I haven´t decided though.

Well that´s the plan for folks!


2 thoughts on “Thesis

  1. Dear Erik,

    I read almost everything about your blog;
    I’m an italian student, and I would like to know if studying “Sustainable Development” I can have the opportunity to do lab work (chemistry/biology) .

    Thanks for your help
    Best Regards

    1. Hi!
      Glad for your interest:)
      Besides for choosing such a thesis subject in the end, or doing two thesises (which some did spread over the second year) there isn´t much biochemistry. Biochemistry is my best subject and I missed it during the whole first year. We had a couple of classmates from that discipline but they couldn´t contribute with much.


      You could although study lots of ethics around such endeavors. That we´ve done, holistically. During one case study one group containing the only law student we had (damn good by the way) wrote about ethics around that companies incorporates the very plants they induces genetic changes to (GMO). Depending if you are interested in biochemistry in an environmental fashion, or around plants, you could chose different universities in Sweden into such areas. If towards plants I would recommend SLU Alnarp; if towards medicin – Uppsala University or others offering medical educations; and environmentally – Stockholm University (Stockholm resilience center that is).

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