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One month to go


Time is flying by and I´m still behind. Hehe. The internship takes all energy right now. I visited a teacher regarding the thesis yesterday and it´s fair to say I´m in need of get things rolling. But it´s so hard to get started:)

I still have my subject and have now learned a little more of the thesis layout. Still questions to be solved but it feels somewhat more tangible now. The most important thing should be to find the question and a supervisor. I´ve got a plan!

Now I´ve began searching for a new accommodation. Again! Oh:P Yes, haha. Sigh. Now Studentstaden saw a chance to reduce their administrative costs and joined the big company´s way in town of demanding payment from people in line. Furthermore I lost many positions in the line since it was updated. So studentstaden is no longer a choice.

So now I´m kind of restricted to the private market, hoping it will prove resourceful. In that sense it will be nice to leave Uppsala for some smaller city after the studies. Then one hopefully can reduce the accommodation pressure. Hopefully that is.

One day at a time and hopefully I´ll get through after the nest semester.

Then it´s time for the job market again:P On good and bad.

Until next time

Thesis exercise

The winter is coming and even with some snow melting away it´s gradually getting colder. I just invested in some working clothes for coming weeks in the snow. With some formal delays of paper work I´m still fighting the good fight.

It was a while ago I saw any of the others. I guess we are dispersed worldwide. One or two choose to get their final exam via SLU, that I probably won´t see again. The others would be bound to come to Uppsala University to present their thesis.

I´m still a bit stuck in the emotional quagmire whether to have the energy to dig into the “how” thing about thesis disposition. Wow, these paper exercises can be so incredibly intangible to get ones hands on. People that have hardly done some ordinary work in their whole lives, devoted to frame the world into abstractions, sets up frameworks for how to perceive the tools used in the thesis. The situation is set for major collisions between different ways to perceive the reality. And in these cases the student is always wrong. Wow, I feel a bit worn down right now:)

I´ve done some years now that changes most students views about how unnecessary intangible approaches could be towards various processes of dispositions and formalities as such. While most favors this system, I feel all the time that my position still stands – only persons with great detachment of direct realities could welcome all these, well obstacles to do things one’s own way.

Speaking of sustainability threats, just as a recent post, this is really grinding my gears more and more. This is also a reason why I more and more think  that too many years at the university could be hindering real life experiences about how the world really works.

Well I guess one just have to take one baby step after another. That things are as they are doesn´t mean that I have to like it, or even agree^^

Just as in X-fusion´s Odd one out:

“(…) They call me
Odd one out
And I don’t disagree”

Hopefully it will bring some good with it for the future of all.

/Well that´s all for now

… some words of my chest

Hi again!

So, here I am again, looking up from my little rabbit whole among cows, pigs and other friends in the paddocks. It´s fun cutting and pasting but it´s not happening as often as one might want to.

I have decided to lend a word or two about Swedish money, trash and recycling carousel, beyond current status. Here the other day another fellow member on facebook had captured a picture of her beloved friend in the barn. Some words also followed. As we know humans have a way of littering. Sometimes the trash is blown out in arable fields and since Sweden devotes about 80 percent of our acreages to animals, it sooner or later reaches our friends in the barns. This time of the year. Urban people might need to figure out – why now?

There on facebook the farmer looks at her beloved friend lying among nice fresh straw gasping and screaming in pain from the bear cans grinding her intestines. Vets and personal have tried everything within their power to help. But it´s finished, even for the unborn calf. Once again the litterers win.

About the same time I see an ad on the same forum obviously stating some differences about Swedish and US waste management – about how good it seems to incinerate rather than dump in Sw compared to the bad US. At the same time Swedish power plants get paid by the tons to receive foreign unmanageable trash from other European countries.

Wow isn´t it great! Sweden is so good and proud over our waste management hierarchies. Good for us that our own soil is being targeted as dump stations for European trash… but don´t worry, the most hazardous ash is being exported. The rest will in time reach our drinking water. And if we want to keep it al natural we can just dump it at the acreages along our roads for the cows to digest! As with our domestic garbage.

Yeah, isn´t a wonderful world! At the same time I´m watching ads on YouTube favoring soy yogurt instead of that from our animals. I guess it must be so good being a vegan – supporting the crop that alongside palm oil, driving rain forest deforestation half around the whole world.

Isn´t the urbanization with its building of knowledge about the world just fantastic?

As for me I at least have figured out what to focus at in my thesis. After lots of thinking I´m letting go of the laser for now. It feels terrible at the same time as I know it might be better to do that tomorrow. The academic forum while being very vulnerable is a very poor position for to stir the pot among namely – academics.

Here the other Thursday I got my first experience from commercial animal transportation. Without blaming neither the driver nor the farmer I was so devastated being tied just as everyone else to the world market hysteria. To see the animals I´ve devoted my whole waking days to nurture, being treated as shit from the second the hatch to the truck representing the world market slid open, made my heart ache.

For how would any of the stakeholders that were involved that particular morning be able to do anything about what happened, as members of the same system as vegans and vegetarians alike, favoring money with lowest amount of payment for all products and services? How is it possible to eat meat, as part of the circle of life while being able to watch oneself in the mirror after dinner? How to address the system…

This is going to be the major theme of my thesis.

The internship otherwise is going on. Now we have gone into winter mode. This means a lot of serving of animals and repairs. I also feel that lectures from the farmers during breaks are becoming much more frequent. I feel that I´ve learned tons of information since I came here. I just hope I can make use of it for the future. That´s much up to our society´s norms and available competition space to decide. I´m less then convinced it will be an easy task to make oneself heard within this neo liberalist generation of ordinary consumers, vegetarians and vegans, choosing money before biosphere.

Watch out for the lasers out there in stores and other parts of society. Soon also in cars!

Isn´t a wonderful world?