Monthly Archives: October 2016

Almost half way

Yey!  Half at sleep while writing this I´m half way through my internship course. It continues to take, well, too much of my time. I´m having literally no own life right now. The days at the farm begins at the morning and ends in the evening. Not much time for other things.

That´s just the issue again with the thesis. I´ve managed essentially nothing of what I was supposed to do at this time. I know now I want to work more with agroforestry issues firstly. But how to tie it to Sustainable Development in an interdisciplinary fashion. Wow! Many demands right now! No wonder science has been commercialized. From where else would scientists trained as dogs find money while spending months meeting up to sentence dispositions in their work. Hahahaha. So perhaps a good experience in a way also.

The accommodation situation has taken a rather sour turn. The lend lord that just wanna milk me for money, took a 180 degree turn, saying that we don´t wanna spend work power to let you off the leach. You are stuck with us greedy humans for as long as the contract says! Have a good quarter!

Perhaps the Swedish society has fallen to this level for poor students everywhere but it´s really tough being a student here in Uppsala. Most inhabitants besides students are really shamefully hard to live with. At the private accommodation market one feels pushed down in the mud all the time. And when the accommodation doesn´t work. Well then essentially nothing works. Compared with being in Scania I feel Uppsala is a greatly overestimated city. I understand that young people want to be where the shit goes down so to say but when one has done the student thing for some years… Well I don´t know. I´m rather be around nice people rather than many people. That´s at least my conclusion.

Until next time!

Thesis project

Knowing it was all too long ago I posted last time, I´m sitting in my thoughts about thesis project. Wow, it´s hard to decide:) Sunday – the first free day for two weeks with the industrial music in the background. Finally:)

It was a while ago I was to the headquarter at Geocenter but I guess things are running stable. Our thesis course managers are ending out reminders frequently about the importance to pick up where we left before the internship. But it´s so hard getting time to do it hahaha.

This internship is really taking all my time. I was done half past ten at Friday evening. Although I´m learning a lot. That´s the important thing I guess. The farm although has major problems with rats right now. One can read about that rats are infiltrating urban infrastructure now. Well it´s seem to be the same for the countryside.

This can be seen as a major sustainability problem. What if farmers can´t afford to invest in metallic grain silos? Rat poison on the way to get put of the legal market. What happens then? Can this be seen as the level of input needed to buy ourselves out of the presence of ambient environment? What message do such indicators give for the future?

Well that´s all for this time!