I´m sorry to say that I was unfortunate yet again with my accommodation. Now I´ve got a corridor apartment free from poison sticks, which has been the main dilemma before. But instead the ventilation doesn´t work. After coughing dust for three days I´m sleeping on peoples sofa´s for the time being. The farmer hosting my internship had although probably an accommodation for me at the farm.

So after a summer of one disaster after another I´m about to begin the internship tomorrow. Yey:) It was delayed owed to illness for a week. Wow, this is not a town to put demands on accommodations, that´s for sure. Haha incredible. I´m actually furious but can´t stop laughing it away when the tensions begin to fade. Another night at a hostel and then hopefully at the farm until Christmas brake.

The university has begun and the town has been in a high gear mode for some days now since the august warmth returned. There´s a lot of new faces running around in shining outfits here and there in the city. I also stumbled upon some programmers saying good bye to a couple of persons. Hehe no – I don´t spend any times with the others still;)

The thought of living on the countryside instead of the high intensity city feels very welcome. The farm is harvesting full time right now and will probably continue doing that for the next two weeks. I guess much will be about preparing the soil for the spring sowing after that.

Hehe it feels like I´m having a full time job doing nothing actually. Hopefully things will work out better from now on.

/that´s it folks!

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