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Learning process

Oh wow! I´m always completely finished when I come into my room after an 11 hour intensive work day. It´s hard to get some time left from the sleep. Use to drop right after the shower and a tick-check. The blogging is no exception I´m afraid.

I understand from my facebook page that school for the class mates is going steady. I´m thinking quite a lot of my thesis-start up during this semester. I´m still very unsure about whether to dive into agroforestry issues – which I want to work with. Or if I should contribute to the very skewed laser injury scientific field – which need a great boot in the butt. Into the right direction that is!

Yep! I´m in a quagmire. When one knows that both things will affect me heavily. Then it´s hard to decide. Meanwhile I´m striding on here at the farm. The harvesting period is almost done, but the seeding stages are dragging behind. It feels interesting when one begin to get some insight of what´s going on and have an own opinion about what lies behind these delays, likewise how they could have been avoided.

I guess I have to give in to the reasons to do the internship before going on into this field. One is learning everyday in a relatively fast pace in some cases. As the problem solver it´s very interesting to asking all the questions about the potential of environmental parameters and those of the conduct as such while learning. Perhaps not the best forum for personal interaction but I´m still thinking about how to do with that parameter.

This morning Antoine, the French student, left the farm. His internship in now completed and before taking on his studies in France he has a quite lot of tasks to fulfill on his family farm. With mixed feelings it seems like. As I understand his grade (unique) for him here at the farm was delightful. No more than right actually.

So the administrative tasks about accommodation and other personal matters goes on in the background when one has the time. Now I at least has talked to my lend lord and decided to search for something else. Meanwhile it´s the matter of thesis subject:) …

Well that´s all!

It rolls on

The sun is still managing to make the days warm. The harvest is still going on at the farm. Or rather as such I would say. During the bus ride home I believed all grain producing farmers was harvesting. Grains that is.

Tomorrow I´m to revisit the Geo center again for a presentation about coming events. This time it´s the last stand – the thesis. While I´m learning at a good rate at the farm it feels as a welcome brake to get some contrast. I used one such ticket yesterday when helping another producer to sell his organic vegetables and fruits at the local farmer´s market. In another town.

The good thing is that I have a home which I can be in. Breath in. Sleep in. The bad thing is that I need to use this breather to see the situation over after a new accommodation. If something happens it might be good to have somewhere else to go.

At the farm it´s right now volunteers from France and Luxemburg. Both girls – in their early twenties. Then there´s a French student in his middle twenties conducting studies at home otherwise and like me are using this as his internship. The interesting difference is that he is a farmer´s son, also in charge of various administrative parts of his own family farm – while being here. He´s good! He´s practically running this farm by his own. To have the possibility to meet him is very fortunate for me.

Well I guess things is rolling but I know better than to expects it last and need to take precautions about accommodation, foremost, in case of failure somewhere.

/That´s it for now

Three days

I´ve been on the farm for three days now. I´ve met some bigs and a bunch of sheep. Real escape artists the latter ones. They managed to run away just when one of the volunteers´parents came to visit. After some herding they were back where they should be:)

I´ve got an old cozy room at the farm to live in, among some other interns and volunteers. Hopefully the whole thing will be rather straight forward until the thesis during the last semester.

I´ve already begun to learn a little more what it´s all about. From drying the harvest to understand a bit how to manage the pigs. There can be quite a lot of things in the air during the lunch table, so one better listen. There´s a lot of things going on and there´s a lot of new tasks and mashines to learn. There´s quite a rotation of people though. One left one day after I arrived and another will leave next week.

I feel rather happy to be able to read once in a while again. I´ve been longing back to the lifestyle of lying on the back in the bed once or twice each day. So between the tasks during the days and the sleep during the nights there is some time to do what one wants to do essentially.

Since I have been ill I know from spending the first days at the university that the rest of school has begun as usual. There´s a lot of stirrings and welcomings of new students in Uppsala. Some have serious problems finding an accomodation though. One I met was changing campus to Gotland instead to study the same thing there via Uppsala University. All thanks to the lack of housing.

/That´s all for this time



I´m sorry to say that I was unfortunate yet again with my accommodation. Now I´ve got a corridor apartment free from poison sticks, which has been the main dilemma before. But instead the ventilation doesn´t work. After coughing dust for three days I´m sleeping on peoples sofa´s for the time being. The farmer hosting my internship had although probably an accommodation for me at the farm.

So after a summer of one disaster after another I´m about to begin the internship tomorrow. Yey:) It was delayed owed to illness for a week. Wow, this is not a town to put demands on accommodations, that´s for sure. Haha incredible. I´m actually furious but can´t stop laughing it away when the tensions begin to fade. Another night at a hostel and then hopefully at the farm until Christmas brake.

The university has begun and the town has been in a high gear mode for some days now since the august warmth returned. There´s a lot of new faces running around in shining outfits here and there in the city. I also stumbled upon some programmers saying good bye to a couple of persons. Hehe no – I don´t spend any times with the others still;)

The thought of living on the countryside instead of the high intensity city feels very welcome. The farm is harvesting full time right now and will probably continue doing that for the next two weeks. I guess much will be about preparing the soil for the spring sowing after that.

Hehe it feels like I´m having a full time job doing nothing actually. Hopefully things will work out better from now on.

/that´s it folks!