Dream small

Now there´s one week left until my internship starts. Have spent the last week mostly with new upgrades for my blog. After this really shitty… summer holiday it feels great with a new start.

The situation is even more thrilling since I´ve not yet seen any contract to my new accommodation, while I´m guaranteed a boot in the butt if not leaving the apartment by the end of August. Yeah, there´s lots of excitement right now.

While trying to stay cool keeping thoughts of the shame of a neighbor and the accommodation situation away with WordPress I´m happy to have the opportunity to learn things first hand during my internship. Next time I meet an agriculture agency I can press at practical experience as well.

I´ve although been busy and made a lot of things happen during this summer. Most importantly I fixed a storage area for my stuff I´ve dragged around with me during the last six years. Ever since I left my apartment for the university I´ve dragged around with about 4m3 moving boxes – a consequence from the absence of a parent home. This has greatly impacted on types of accommodations I could choose. While the size has decreased to about 2m3 I finally found a storage area for a decent price.

Now I can do what other students could all along – bring a couple of blankets and the computer. What a relief:) Speak of today’s Developed country-problem^^

Anyway, I hope this year might bring with it a decent accommodation free from filthy poison sticks. Yeah, big time bad luck this time as well. Sigh! I really think I deserve a good accommodation now! Come on! Hopefully in the future I can look back at the study period manifested by constant accommodation scams; constant moving and think of how much simpler my life have become, living on the country side, far from the stressed lunatics in the city:) … again! In my own home! Wow… some people have to dream small:)

Meanwhile I continue to figure out how the heck to do make my blog as I wanna have it, listening to my beloved Industrial music in the background^^ Welcome to follow me during a new study year in Uppsala!

All the best /Erik

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