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Another turn

28 of August! Almost like New Years Eve. Except for the fireworks! A new study year with lots to learn. I´m celebrating it with open windows, literally! I´m sitting in my new accommodation – it´s not big, but it´s cozy.

I´ve a beautiful view from the second floor straight down at some house gardens in the surrounding residential area. All through the filter of hanging Betula pendula branches in golden green. Real picturesque. Like a summer veil. Here I sit with open windows. There hasn´t been a single smoker so far. Hearing the birds twitter through the double windows is like something since long time lost.

Regrettably I´ve been brought down by some bad ass virus. Hasn´t slept properly for days actually. The world is rotating and feels dizzy all the time. I really hope for the lot of my life it´s a common flu. Especially since I got bitten by a tick some weeks ago.

The move has been set to a halt and has been forced to ask for help. Not something I usually do. I hope I´ll manage to see the logistics through somehow. I really hope it´s a common flu as stated before.

Once again – fantastic to sit here in my little den of 16 m2 in the middle of gardens and houses, looking at the neighbor playing around with his little excavator below! When signing the contract, seeing the “smoke forbidden in this real estate”, gave me a warm feeling in the chest. As I´ve heard, others living here have problems with cigarettes themselves.  Thinking about open windows I cross my fingers once again:)

The health status has off course meant hinders to jump into my internship tomorrow. I´m to get in touch with the farmers when things come around. I really hope once again I´ve got a simple flu and not some virus from the tick.

Well that´s about it. Anxiety blended with relief.

Bye:) ♥

Dream small

Now there´s one week left until my internship starts. Have spent the last week mostly with new upgrades for my blog. After this really shitty… summer holiday it feels great with a new start.

The situation is even more thrilling since I´ve not yet seen any contract to my new accommodation, while I´m guaranteed a boot in the butt if not leaving the apartment by the end of August. Yeah, there´s lots of excitement right now.

While trying to stay cool keeping thoughts of the shame of a neighbor and the accommodation situation away with WordPress I´m happy to have the opportunity to learn things first hand during my internship. Next time I meet an agriculture agency I can press at practical experience as well.

I´ve although been busy and made a lot of things happen during this summer. Most importantly I fixed a storage area for my stuff I´ve dragged around with me during the last six years. Ever since I left my apartment for the university I´ve dragged around with about 4m3 moving boxes – a consequence from the absence of a parent home. This has greatly impacted on types of accommodations I could choose. While the size has decreased to about 2m3 I finally found a storage area for a decent price.

Now I can do what other students could all along – bring a couple of blankets and the computer. What a relief:) Speak of today’s Developed country-problem^^

Anyway, I hope this year might bring with it a decent accommodation free from filthy poison sticks. Yeah, big time bad luck this time as well. Sigh! I really think I deserve a good accommodation now! Come on! Hopefully in the future I can look back at the study period manifested by constant accommodation scams; constant moving and think of how much simpler my life have become, living on the country side, far from the stressed lunatics in the city:) … again! In my own home! Wow… some people have to dream small:)

Meanwhile I continue to figure out how the heck to do make my blog as I wanna have it, listening to my beloved Industrial music in the background^^ Welcome to follow me during a new study year in Uppsala!

All the best /Erik

At it again


Summer is moving towards the end and autumn is approaching. Students return while the dampness in the air begins to penetrate into the bone, reminding it´s time for school!

I´m hoping you all had a good summer. Because I haven´t hahaha:) I´ve been busy managing a very troubled neighbor in the flat below that´s reminding the others he´s there during nights with a lot of yelling and territorial behavior. After one year in Uppsala I can conclude two things of value for students about this city. Number one – there´s no other city like it in Sweden and two; the private housing situation is a mess.

It´s an overcrowded city with very frustrated inhabitants. While living on top of each others, citizens readily give in to the frustration. Much of everyday routine is about coping with private lend lords or neighbors that don´t want to be reminded others live there. If one can cope in a student corridor – perhaps that´s best. I guess I could recommend student apartments managed by different unions as well.

I´m happy to announce I was accepted to the internship the other day:) Wohoo:)! This opportunity has been a beacon during summer. The idea of being outside and work with soil and animals feels just great. I´ve actually made a false start, searching for wild oat a couple of times during summer. Couldn´t resist:)

So right now I´m more or less waiting for school to start:)