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The situation!

About the internship within the service sector the name on the diploma is more important than the competence. I´ve sent about 20 applications and the sector doesn´t really know what to do with competences that deviate from paved lanes.

This is really maddening. Especially when veterans with big bellies in their suits tried to depicture it as I have wasted the years of intensive biochemical, agricultural and logistical studies. I should have followed the mainstream name on the diploma because I draw different conclusions from the mainstream. Still farmers are plunging down the abyss as I´m writing this, following their advice.

I can continue to kick the gravel best I want, but I think I would be better off with my own consultant company than following fools. I´m so frustrated so you won’t believe it from what I´ve heard so far. I bet it all on interdisciplinary studies since childhood thinking in inverse patterns and get the feeling there’s much narcissism out there desperately trying to defend status quo. No matter consequences for those they are running down the drain.

Now I actually found this farmer indirectly (when talking agriculture) during an agriculture fair which lies ahead of the mainstream producers in alternative production strategies. More independent as well. Just as expected! He´s one of few in Sweden that has knowledge and experience enough to dare test cultivate according e.g. agroforestry systems.  It can surely be time good invested to spend a semester at the farm.

I´m happy to have the ability to continue from where I left my bachelor. I was even happier that he wanted me to have small lectures now and then for wwoof:ers on his farm during my time there. He was rather impressed by my universally holistic approach.

As I said on the phone with him today; where this leads for my sake is too early to say but it would surely be good to have more practical experiences from the sector. Not least with alternative ways of producing food and life supporting services.

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  1. Hej Erik, jag har precis blivit antagen till masterprogrammet i hållbar utveckling och hittade din blogg. Din senaste post lät inte så positiv, men är du i stort nöjd med upplägget? Hoppas det går bra med din praktik!
    Jag bor i Stockholm och har barn och behöver därför pendla. Hur mycket schemalagd undervisning är det? Speciellt Ultuna ligger ju lite illa till och jag såg att du skrev något om föreläsningar som börjar redan kl 8.. Det kan bli tufft. Är det undervisning hela dagarna? Har du haft kursare som pendlat från Stockholm?
    Kanske du skulle kunna mejla mig förra läsårets scheman? Det vore till stor hjälp!!
    Tack på förhand,
    Lisa Jacobson

    1. Hej Lisa!
      Jag kommer skriva på engelska om det är flera som har samma frågor.
      Kom ihåg att mycket här handlar om bredd och inte djup – så om du vill bli biolog el. kemist – tänk om ^^

      Ok, hope U are happy being accepted to the program.
      No exacty, it is hard for everyone I believe right now to put the interdisciplinary approach into use. Almost all gradueted I met said the same. They had to fall back on their bachelor. I although has spent my entire school and work experience (15 years) on merging my knowledge. So for me its a lot harder than many others to fit into many companies´ways of doing things. That was manifested in many group works as well. I have another approach. So perhaps sounded worse than it is.

      Well, as I wrote in some post way back – some are happy but I think that many more are dissapointed with the study pace. Especially at the beginning. There is much free time to merge with other students which is supposed to be up to each one to take advantage of. So at the end many had changed their opinons from bad, slow, plain, to ok/good. All in all. As I understand half of the class is going for a 2-year exam, others see it as a very high expense doing the next year.

      Yes there are quite a few that travelled from the sthlm everyday. One or two (younger) classmates living in the fast lane of course wanted to be in the middle of everything. They moved here. As I understood it was quite straight forward. About 40 min as best between sthlm and Uppsala and like 10 min o bus from the central station to Ultuna. It isnt that complicated actually.

      More or less all courses, all days were half days. One begins around 10.15 at UU with some exeptions. And at SLU it was about 9.00 but sometimes (especially during the analysis computer excercises – 08.00). And at both universities we used to quit about 14.00-15.00. The afternoon varied a little more.

      I´ll try to find the scheduels for the last year, but I´m gonna put them up at the blog instead in that case, so everyone can read.

      Just milk it if you have more questions.

      Ha´t bra!
      Med vänlig hälsning Erik

      1. Oh, thank you so much, this was very helpful!!
        I have been working as a sciencejournalist and with communication for 15 years, and I understand this program will not make me a biologist. I hope it will give me more knowledge and ability to communicate sustainability.
        For older ones like me, with a family, it would be really helpful to get more info about the schedule in advance, so if you put them on the blog it would be great! I also asked the “studievägledare”, waiting for answer.
        Tack igen!

        1. Hej igen:)
          Ah, good that it helped.
          I believe Amanda was going for holiday here the other day but perhaps some else is there now.

          Med vänlig hälsning Erik

          1. Hej igen! I am looking up the books for the first course and I had forgotten how expensive it is.. Would you or some of your class mates want to sell your books?

          2. Hi!

            Surely one or two that might have one or two left… if it´s still the same books^^ They change them from time to time!! If I were you I would try find the MSD class on facebook – closed group – to come a little closer to the people:) I´ll try to get the url available on the blog – although it wouldnt be that hard to find them.
            A word of avdice is also to order books you really want to read well in advance since many CEMUS bound books may be hard to get in stores.
            Ask in the facebook forum with the class which books that are considered important or not:) Just a tip!

            Sincerely Erik

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