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The service sector

The situation!

About the internship within the service sector the name on the diploma is more important than the competence. I´ve sent about 20 applications and the sector doesn´t really know what to do with competences that deviate from paved lanes.

This is really maddening. Especially when veterans with big bellies in their suits tried to depicture it as I have wasted the years of intensive biochemical, agricultural and logistical studies. I should have followed the mainstream name on the diploma because I draw different conclusions from the mainstream. Still farmers are plunging down the abyss as I´m writing this, following their advice.

I can continue to kick the gravel best I want, but I think I would be better off with my own consultant company than following fools. I´m so frustrated so you won’t believe it from what I´ve heard so far. I bet it all on interdisciplinary studies since childhood thinking in inverse patterns and get the feeling there’s much narcissism out there desperately trying to defend status quo. No matter consequences for those they are running down the drain.

Now I actually found this farmer indirectly (when talking agriculture) during an agriculture fair which lies ahead of the mainstream producers in alternative production strategies. More independent as well. Just as expected! He´s one of few in Sweden that has knowledge and experience enough to dare test cultivate according e.g. agroforestry systems.  It can surely be time good invested to spend a semester at the farm.

I´m happy to have the ability to continue from where I left my bachelor. I was even happier that he wanted me to have small lectures now and then for wwoof:ers on his farm during my time there. He was rather impressed by my universally holistic approach.

As I said on the phone with him today; where this leads for my sake is too early to say but it would surely be good to have more practical experiences from the sector. Not least with alternative ways of producing food and life supporting services.

/All for this time