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Summer break

Time goes on and most students have left Uppsala for this school year. Here Midsummer´s Eve is upon us. It´s going to be my first time doing the Midsummer thing in Uppsala. As usual the weather is predicted to be rather erratic. But I guess Swedes have got the hang of it by now^^

I´m relieved to tell I passed the analysis course. Even managed to get a higher grade, spite the circumstances during the exam. The Interdisciplinary course result was another turn-up. The examiners were pleased with the group quality and boosted my final grade even though I made a late submission on another task.

Right now I´m just waiting for the Discourses course results presented in August. School seems to smile at me:) It has been an interesting year, meeting such a diverse competence in the class room. To my surprise I found the Master level easier than the bachelor. It hasn´t been the same cramming as before. Rather more reflective progress during tasks.

Now I´ve applied to the offices and companies I feel a genuine interested in doing an internship at. The pressure is sky high and some has already declined. One office even managed to lose my application. Perhaps not a good working place then I ensures myself. It would be rather fitting to do the internship at Vafab – the company where the interest once begun, in my home town^^

Summer in the air

After having another last week to complete any last discourses course tasks, I still have mine left^^ On the other hand I at a less than perfect state dragged my body to the analysis course resit, completing the last heavy task for the year in my opinion. Sitting with only one other classmate, accompanied by the wonderful tunes of a hammer drill meanwhile, I used the last strength I could muster to stress myself through that bottle neck – I hope. This was the only exam this year when I really felt really, really worn down. You won’t believe how awfully tired to my very bones I was at that state hahaha.

A rather busy half remaining week with heavy lifting later, I now lie on my stomach in the new accommodation writing this post. Really like her sofa. We are going to be best of friends:D Just to think about it: An own apartment! Well, second hand but hey – it tastes just as good as any happy ending:)

Now I´ve promised myself the first weekend for weeks. From school that is. Next week I´m planning to slam the last “What about me”-cycle down and further straight through the table of the nearest course leader, formally completing this year:)

Then it´s back to rechecking the stats on the SIDA thing and mass-produce more internship applications if things might turn sour. Then the aim is to have the first formal vacation in say, ten, years of work-work. Then it´s early mornings with the lawn mower for 6 weeks at Uppsala cemetery.

Right now I´m just praying that the anti poison stick-god keeps me safe in my new accommodation!

/Until next text

The other side


Nine months ago I met the classmates for the first time. For almost a week ago I arrived at the Norredatorp cabins for the first time. There our ride ended. We were lucky with the weather all three days. It was sunny and bright every day – not a cloud on the sky. Just the still water of the lake along a green lawn where we sat, with the cabins at the hilltop beyond. Lots of time was spent sunbathing on the bridge as well.

There most of us spent the last days together as a class. The final Discourses course tasks were done during the first two days. One or two lost classmates since some courses back decided to show up as well. The second night there was a good bye party and lots of fun.

Now the first year is officially over but I´m still repeating for the resit. Feels good to think about having it all done. The last feedback cycle of “what about me” doesn’t concern me that much. As long as I pass the exam the year should be as good as finished. That would conclude my first journey in one of Sweden´s most student intensive cities.

I hope to be accepted at one of the internship positions I signed up for. Now I´ve spent five years at universities and there would be a relief to feel it has lead to something in the end.

I can also happily announce I got a summer job as well. Something I haven´t had much time for. After cancelling the opportunity at Landkvist´s Garden center the issue has stood still. One telephone call to Uppsala cemetery management and I was back in business again:) Nice to spend the summer outdoors in the sun. I know that a few of my fellow cultivation engineers from the bachelor ended up there full time.

My issues about our environment still go on. The last days there has been talk about water stress and shortages in Sweden. I have hard times seeing me as some kind of expert in sustainable issues as teachers urge us to. I although sincerely begin to wonder about taking a mic, book a lecture hall in Stockholm, making a good example by throwing out the darn laser pointer through the window in front of the audience and explain one thing or two about the deal with our surroundings to people in Sweden.

Well, the year is done! Some things one has to continue searching for. Meantime a man got to do what a man got to do: take on day at a time!

Hope you have enjoyed my blog. All the best!