The laser generation


Yeah I know. I swamped with the completion of the first two courses in line. I also read about our problematic laser-society. Hoping the interruption can be justified since the laser issue is acute. I will try to compensate for my delay, focusing on eye injuries.

My assessment of the Norra Länken is hopefully done. It´s in the hands of my supervisor. Mobility was favored over long term sustainability hoping technology would save us. It was an effort to increase traffic pressure and lead emissions away to someone else, with some hot spots within the city still. There could be acute problems for hypersensitive persons in tunnels.

Regrettably I went ill for the evil math test. Am on my knees unable deciding if it was bad actually. Will take the next test.

Soo.. Laser. To focus radiation a certain direction as a tool, also responsible for lot´s of suffering, partly via eye damages. Even if it has existed since the 1960s and became hype manifested via movies such as Star Wars or Star Trek, until people finally learned it was not a toy, our generation has started all over again – unlearning their lesson. It was developed by military endeavors partly to drop LGBs by USA. Anyone played Starcraft? “Someone called for an exterminator!”. Same principle. The laser was developed to a societal planning tool, partly as rotating lasers, or distance mapping where it’s essential. I´ve worked with them myself. It´s as best a working tool that shall not belong to individuals! The last ten years since the older generation have begun to lay down their guard, laser companies work in the dark, forcing lasers into civil societies. Irradiation agencies are warning that laws and regulation hasn´t been able to protect our generation resulting in lots of injuries and grey areas when it comes to damages. If you get hurt – no one can help you! Almost no eye doctor in Sweden have done their homework making the issue a nightmare for the ones hurt, even with detectible damages in tissues = anomalies.

After spreading to stores, offices, laser shows, warehouses, eye surgeries etc. BMW and Audi began using high effect lasers as headlights. Cl. 4 – the highest class. There´s no upper limit in this one but uses are partly for cutting metal or eye surgeries. I myself was struck in my eyes by laser headlights at night and I´ve still pain in my eyes. To use amplified radiation in traffic in this sense is madness. It seems as if the phosphors layer only breaking the precision from the laser like a prism and creating wider nanometer scale; thereby white light from the blue nm scale, while absorbing a few photons, sure… BMW and Audi. While people has reported problems with the LED diodes for being too strong for their eyes, now BMV and Audi are bragging that these cl. 4 460-500 nm (blue) lasers generate over 1000 times the effects than LED diodes.

I´m sure many people will suffer and I will never forget this betrayal by BMW and Audi. This begun as another sale trick to vane people risking other persons’s eyes. Since there is a demand they now presenting this as if we in society have an obligation to use their lasers in headlights too.. as in everything else, if laser producing companies have it their way. I´ve been in contact with multiple retailers and producers of laser myself, asking the question why they don´t even demand license before selling even cl. 3 & 4 hand lasers to unauthorized people. The answer as according to so many others I´ve spoke to: Nothing! Not a word!

On photos the guy that developed both LED- and 460-500 nm laser (blue) radiation sources wear anti-laser absorbing lenses in his lab. Even though the precision of course isn´t that acute via the headlights, the situation is not that comforting for those without anti laser protection. Laser don´t belong with individuals BMW and Audi!

This could perhaps very well be dangerous for the traffic safety also. For those who are unsure, be assured the developers have programmed the headlights to avert the front and blinding everyone else along the roads instead.

I believe laser is going to be the post industrialized problem of this generation. A scientist I spoke with at KTH in Stockholm a very well regarded technically oriented university, said that: I believe that when enough people’s lives have been destroyed, lasers are going to be re-regulated again, but not before.

No – wavelength has very little to do with classes or damage; one can get just as strong output effect from a 530 nm laser as a 680 nm = the “color” doesn´t matter that much.

Problems reported from cl. 2 lasers:

Light sensitivity –  can´t be outside in worst case = not much of a life. Same for cl. 3 & 4.
Bright spot or area in your vision when trying to sleep. E.g. a red spot = very disturbing.
Reduced vision
Irritated eyes, red, tearing.
Hard to focus longer periods in front of a computer screen or tv.

Can be found: Barcode scanners, AF laser to mobile phones, presentation pointers.

Problems reported from  cl. 3.

Blindness, Retina detachment, Detectible bleedings in eye tissue.
Destroyed detail vision forever = e.g. can see periphery but can´t read text.
Chronic vision loss in parts of ones visual field.

Can be found, Strong pointers/scanners, laser shows, other adapted lasers.

Problems reported by cl. 4.
Total coagulation of eye tissues = ruined/burnout.
Cornea haze.

Plus many mentioned above.

Can be found
Extremely strong lasers such as rust removals, pointers, add ons, surgical fat reduction lasers, epidermal surgical lasers, metal cutting, and military targeting systems.

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