With another study week past & gone I can lean back in the computer chair and look forward to some well deserved taco shells later. No studies this weekend.

After multiple days in relentless research in various databases without breakthrough I heard from the first body of institution in line I begun to call over the phone that: “Oh, yeah the quality research about Norra Länken (one of northern Europe´s largest tunnel projects in high densely built areas) – that data we got rid of years ago”. … … So without even having finished the ten year, so far, project, research supporting the decision to engage with the heavy criticized endeavour is more or less gone from most authoritative institutions^^ Speaking of sustainable heritage!

With the phone going warm during Thursday and Friday between county boards, governmental institutions and departments, legal representatives, researchers being authors to long gone half forgotten papers or articles, etc. things finally begun to unravel this mystery.

One dusty paper after another declaring governmental and other  institutional decisions about the matter over the years were scanned form archives and sent to an enduring students´mail during the time span of a couple of days. I´m waiting for more primary sources next week from another archive.

In the end I managed to drop the papers I was assigned to compile in the teachers drop box around yesterday at midnight. No stress:) I also had some enjoyment reading a couple of hour´s fiction before descending into some well deserved sleep.

That´s all until Evil chapter 2 on Monday – more rabbits!

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