Looking ahead

With the Thursday´s slow progress into evening I can tell with fact in hand that my deadline for yesterday remained intact. Almost at the end of the teachers so called lunch, forty five minutes after booked schedule we measured each other´s gaze in front of the computer screen and felt we had arrived.

At the next last task in line containing a very simple.. obviously.. programming allowing for dynamic change within a system containing rabbits and regrettably for their sake hungry foxes, one has to know when to let it go. To visually see the spectacle had to be left to the classmates ahead of schedule, already away for lunch half way through the next booklet of upcoming Insidemaker tasks. One has to take things for how they are on good and bad I guess. I´m through evil chapter one!

The good thing is that now I can finally begin compiling references for the Environmental Assessment course. Hopeful not to ramming into someone else´s theme I have decided to write down some lines (6-10 pages) about the infrastructure route “Norra Länken” in Swedish in Stockholm; our beloved concrete bunker one and a half hour due south. Guess the translation to English could be something like: The northern underground pass.

It has been a controversial project for decades in favor for the ones believing in what I would call “consumption out of ongoing over consumption” and of course the freedom of unrestricted mobility owed to making free way for the car.

That feels like a good description about the bearing for next time!

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