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Yeah I know; I hope potential readers aren´t too disappointed. Somewhere along the way I was run down by my undertakings. It begun with the fourth Evil math task that sucked me completely dry of my reserve. When one´s weak the predators coming.. yeah you know the drill. One thing, on person on top of the next.. like domino.

Here I am again having a full weekly rest behind me and feeling the stamina building up in my veins yet again. I don´t think I will manage completing the fourth exercise tomorrow meaning it will be dragged behind slamming into the next task in line. So far I´m doing the “Big breath” thing in my den and mentally preparing for the evil math.DSC02662

The Norra Länken task also swamped but is now framed enough so I can begin filling in the fact. I understand why authorities have hidden it all under the carpet and why it has taken so long to fill in the blank spots. It´s amazing what a mess it was. But the big question: Will my assessment be in the best interest of the Swedish government at the time, approving the decision? Well, I can´t say but it doesn´t look good. Not good at all!

During the Weekend I also run into some euphoria thing, releasing some of the pressure. I watched Unstoppable having lain on the shelf collecting dust since 2010. Oh, what I was into a surprise! It felt just as being back at work as a newbie again and how these amazing old dogs within the logistic enterprise have learned me so much. Déjà vu! Will be forever thankful for all their advise during the years. These persons have learned me so much about the world that can´t be taught in a lecture hall. Two of them even paid me a visit ^^
Boss & colleague

That´s all for now.

Battle ships

A new week is about to start which gives me about one day to rush this thing into motion knowing it will come to a halt when the third course falls upon me. This Norra Länken thing has really proven to be a hard nut to crack but after countless of mails, phone calls and archived materials I´m finally in the state of having read it through.

I have a feeling the ones that did the scanning feel a bit worn down themselves 🙂 It has been like playing Battle ships; ” – Oh, I got your 232… – Miss!” (Having the content page in my lap). Sometimes they messed the numbers up, sometimes I messed them up. I could almost hear a “Sigh” on the other side of the screen, while hoping they would put up with it. Issue by issue… page by page…. now finally done!Scanned strategical docs

It´s not often nowadays I study during weekends. After mistreating both mind and body during the bachelor I lost the taste for the mainstream hunting grade-thing. So at least I take it easy on that part. If the employers turn me down because pass grades – then so be it! I´ve done my student obligation in the arena of running around and act hysterical. This time I just want it done.


New insights

Winter is back in Sweden sweltering any traces of warmth along hopes of spring. In a single night the tides turned. Capriciousness of the Swedish winter alongside school goes steadily on. The last SLU course coming round the corner next week. Within a fortnight last CEMUS course rolling in ending the queue for this year.DSC02652

Yeah, one can feel just as promised how the time slipping away. Still I haven’t finished the environmental assessment, nor are all the computerized system models ready. Beside there´s an exam slowly progressing. Soon we are dealing with the fact having three courses simultaneously.

As I expected we got graded on the Man, Society and Environment course today. While I liquidated the issue in a seconds the others.. well.. would continue whatever it is they have been doing. Not my headache anymore. I´m finally free of it.

I´m actually looking forward completing my assessment now when the studies makes sense again. Things progressing so smooth! Even passed today’s system lecture. It’s not much left!



Ever since the University installed the incoming blog filter I´ve been rather isolated here from any incoming comments… ^^ …Incoming messages just disappeared. Since I´m new to this blog thing I recommend to contact CEMUS if there are any questions that just can´t wait, while I´m trying the Peter Stormare-Armageddon-lift-off-thing here.


Mornings carrying some rejuvenation are dropping by through the window a little earlier every day sending its warm greetings, while winters´ disappearing presence still defies by taking back some of its lost temperature. Morning chats in ever increasing sunny corridors outside classrooms have been manifested by Swedish ambiguous weather.

It feels good that there have been talks about words from the Man, Society and Environment course of passing the class now waiting for the formalities. It has been a tedious group dynamics that have pounded on both body and soul. Hearing that everyone now hopefully can go their own way is more than welcomed.

Yeah! Sometimes confusion between disciplines can take sour turns. I now understand why SLU has been labeling itself as one of the very best universities of natural resource management in the world. That became very obvious this time. Bittersweet serenity is blended with some promise of being free 🙂

At the same time the Norra Länken task and yes… even some of the evil math have given way. It feels at last as I have breached through, giving justice to my endurance.

For the first time in weeks I feel as if I´m beginning to climb on top of things again!

/Until next time



With another study week past & gone I can lean back in the computer chair and look forward to some well deserved taco shells later. No studies this weekend.

After multiple days in relentless research in various databases without breakthrough I heard from the first body of institution in line I begun to call over the phone that: “Oh, yeah the quality research about Norra Länken (one of northern Europe´s largest tunnel projects in high densely built areas) – that data we got rid of years ago”. … … So without even having finished the ten year, so far, project, research supporting the decision to engage with the heavy criticized endeavour is more or less gone from most authoritative institutions^^ Speaking of sustainable heritage!

With the phone going warm during Thursday and Friday between county boards, governmental institutions and departments, legal representatives, researchers being authors to long gone half forgotten papers or articles, etc. things finally begun to unravel this mystery.

One dusty paper after another declaring governmental and other  institutional decisions about the matter over the years were scanned form archives and sent to an enduring students´mail during the time span of a couple of days. I´m waiting for more primary sources next week from another archive.

In the end I managed to drop the papers I was assigned to compile in the teachers drop box around yesterday at midnight. No stress:) I also had some enjoyment reading a couple of hour´s fiction before descending into some well deserved sleep.

That´s all until Evil chapter 2 on Monday – more rabbits!

Looking ahead

With the Thursday´s slow progress into evening I can tell with fact in hand that my deadline for yesterday remained intact. Almost at the end of the teachers so called lunch, forty five minutes after booked schedule we measured each other´s gaze in front of the computer screen and felt we had arrived.

At the next last task in line containing a very simple.. obviously.. programming allowing for dynamic change within a system containing rabbits and regrettably for their sake hungry foxes, one has to know when to let it go. To visually see the spectacle had to be left to the classmates ahead of schedule, already away for lunch half way through the next booklet of upcoming Insidemaker tasks. One has to take things for how they are on good and bad I guess. I´m through evil chapter one!

The good thing is that now I can finally begin compiling references for the Environmental Assessment course. Hopeful not to ramming into someone else´s theme I have decided to write down some lines (6-10 pages) about the infrastructure route “Norra Länken” in Swedish in Stockholm; our beloved concrete bunker one and a half hour due south. Guess the translation to English could be something like: The northern underground pass.

It has been a controversial project for decades in favor for the ones believing in what I would call “consumption out of ongoing over consumption” and of course the freedom of unrestricted mobility owed to making free way for the car.

That feels like a good description about the bearing for next time!