Monthly Archives: January 2016

Fighting the good fight

The second week of the new courses is nearly done. The good fight against the evil math rages on while I´m dreaming about better times. Good times for the ones fond of numbers though. Feeling that I´m really begin to miss biology, biochemistry, anatomy etc. from the SLU bachelor; a science oriented discipline one actually understand.Sustainable development Uppsala universitySpent the Friday night hours in one of Uppsala University´s houses, figuring out how to hopefully kill this math-task-thing until no later than Monday so I can for the first time do something on the other course which has its first deadline on Friday. 

It feels good that winter slowly goes towards spring. I also see that the semester starts with another reward for SLU according to the university course page. Seems as a nice starting point for the second semester. Just gonna survive the math some more weeks now. I can begin to see distant light in the tunnel 🙂

Surely served me!


I remember I wished for more practical drills this semester. Well I surely got what I asked for. A whole morning with excel exercises and the night after I´m still having headache. Many others, especially the practical oriented engineers seemed real happy for the first time meaning that finally there was some challenge.

Knowing there will be four more challenges promised to go deeper into excel management without having finishing yesterday´s lecture´s tasks, this is going to be a…. course if one isn´t into math.

Meanwhile mosts classmates are hissing on about the other course which seems to bother those more – the Environmental assessment course with its ongoing essay. Well I guess we all are strong and weak about our respective abilities.

My own is going to be my old arch enemy: MATH!!! We shall see who stands and who falls! I for one feel really really beaten up for the first time in this program.

In the end I although came here to learn so guess the time is well spent.

All for this time!