My tips about reducing food waste

Hej hej !

As I promised in previous post, I will share some of my tips  about how to eliminate food waste in your household.

I had an opportunity to work for a company which arranged events and served first class refreshment for its clients and always as the event ended up, plenty of untouched food went directly to rubbish bins (and I am not talking about the leftovers on the plates and serving plates). And since then, I really hate wasting food. When you are so close to wasting unspoilt food (such as salmon, roast beef, sushi, all kinds of cheese and ham, cheesecake, panna cotta, crème brulle, chocolate mousse and so on), it makes you think about it. The main reason why I hate it is that by this unconscious behaviour, you have spent your money for nothing and you could have used your time on better things than shopping the food which is later thrown away.

I really try to check what I have in the fridge regularly and adjust my cooking plans accordingly. If I notice that something is not fully fresh, I try to turn it to yummy food again. Here are my tip for different categories of food which you try to make use of.

Old bread, toast and other pastries

  • Crutons – this is probably most used one in my case. When I have few days old bread, I cut it into pieces and either fry it or bake it (both possible without oil) and you can use it to soups, salads or (which often happens to me) eat it as it is 😀
  • French toast – another favourite. Just mix milk with an egg in bowl, dip a toast or bread and then fry it on a pan. Serve it with some fruits, yogurt or maple syrup and fancy breakfast is on the table! (you can find plenty of recipes on the internet)
  • Žemlovka – I suppose, you do not know this one as it is Czech thing. Usually, you dip toasts in milk, put in into baking dish and then add apples mixed with cinnamon and continues with other layers. I have not eaten this for so long, but it reminds me of my childhood as I used to eat it quite often 😀 (if you are interested in making this one, you can google some recipe)

Fruit and vegetable

  • Smoothie – the easiest way how to use older fruit and vegetable is to mix it altogether as smoothie
  • Banana bread, apple pie – too many bananas or apples? Bake something.
  • Vegetable soup – here it depends on which vegetable you have surplus of but basicaly you can use (almost) everything – carrot, tomato, celery, potato, onion and so on

Cheese, ham, vegetable

  • Pizza – you can prepare your dough or buy one and then put whatever you want to
  • Savory pie – similarly to pizza, you can bake for example cous cous or polenta with something you need to consume


  • Rice porridge – if you cooked too much rice, never mind! You can prepare rice porridge if you cook rice in milk for a while. Then add some chocolate, cinnamon, fruit or whatever. This always please me 🙂
  • Fried rice – if you prefer salty version, you can prepare fried rice with some vegetable and nice lunch is ready


  • Baked pasta with cheese – does it need any comments?
  • Fry it with eggs – super fast, super easy, cheap and yummy. Fry pasta in a pan and then add some eggs (like scrambled eggs but with pasta :D)

I suppose these are the most usual leftovers which could end up in the rubbish and I hope that it helped you somehow realise that sometimes it is so easy to use even older food and moreover, prepare nice meals.

If you feel that some ingredient is missing in this list, leave a comment and I will think about how to nicely use it in order to prevent its wasting.

So step into a new week with bearing this in your minds and help to reduce food waste.

Byee, Denisa


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Buy what you eat, eat what you buy

Buy what you eat, eat what you buy.

How simple, isn´t it?

As I am currently reading a lot of articles about food wasting due to our group project, I realised how massive this issue is. Approximately one-third of food which is meant for human consumption is wasted. One-third! Isn´t is terrifying? In some parts of the world, there are people starving and we throw away so much edible food just because we can afford to do so?

Usually, I am not that kind of person who force people to do something or change someone´s point of view, but in this case, I think that it is so simple to change our consumption behaviour and to (at least partly) contribute to tackle this problem which has negative impacts on the environment. In industrialised countries people buy too much food which is later left to spoil. Food wasting is a complex issue throughout the food supply chain, but in my opinion, you as a part of it, can do something with that – think before you buy!

Now I would like to present you some figures to reveal the truth.

Figure by: European Parliament


And some videos which address this issue may spread the message efficiently that I would.

Video by: European Commission

Video by: FAO

And there are many other videos on Youtube which go even more into detail. And many TED talks which I always find inspiring.


In the next post, I will provide you with some of my tips how to avoid food waste even though the expiry date is reaching.

So since now when you go shopping, think before you buy 🙂

Hejdå, Denisa

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Open House Stockholm 2017


this weekend was Open House Stockholm organised in the city and as I really enjoy even Open House Praha (in my hometown) I could not miss the Stockholm one.

In general, Open House is an event where interesting places and buildings in the city, which are usually closed to public, open for few days or just few hours so that people have the unique opportunity to see what is happening inside and find out more about their city. As far as I know, all places have free admission which I find very pleasing. You have many options what you can visit, the only thing is that you should check it in advance and make sure about opening hours. Then, you can just enjoy 🙂

Open House Stockholm 2017 was held from Friday 6th of October till Sunday 8th October, however, some places were open only for one day (unfortunately). We chose few things that we wanted to see the most and due to rainy and cold weather that weekend, we could not see everything we intended.

Now, I will show you which buildings we visited.

  • Impact Hub Stockholm

Rooftop of Impact Hub

Rooftop of Impact Hub

  • Trygg House


  • Aula Medica


I have to admit that Open House Stockholm ( was calmer in comparison with Prague one, because in Prague, you usually have to wait in pretty long queue to get inside, which is quite annoying. If you are in Prague in May, you can visit Open House Praha (

I hope that next year weather will be better and I will explore more places.

If you have any tips for other buildings and places which are worth visiting, please, let a comment.

Bye, Denisa

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Kanelbullens dag

Yesterday, on 4th of October, was Cinnamon bun day (=kanelbullens dag) in Sweden which had immediately became my favourite day of the year.

I have always loved cinnamon buns. Even before I came to Sweden and now I am really pleased to be in the country, where you can find them everywhere. (Almost) every café offers cinnamon buns and you can smell them in the street sometimes.

And the 4th of October is devoted to them. Such a nice idea to celebrate national pastry.

Even one day before kanelbullens dag you could perceive that something is happening. As I wanted to have one cinnamon bun after dinner on 3rd of October, just to get into the right mood, I went to the shop to buy some, but it was quite challenging because even other people wanted to have them so I had to wait a little to get them.

I started the day with the bun for the breakfast and after the lecture, we went to Stockholm Nation in Uppsala to buy another one. They offered the gluten free version as well, so I could enjoy it even with my friend who can usually enjoy only the smell of them.

So cheers to beloved kanelbullar !

Greetings, Denisa



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Stockholm Archipelago

If you feel tired of sitting in the library and studying (or anything else), I can truly recommend you a place suitable for relaxation and where you will clear your mind. Stockholm Archipelago is that remedy.

Shortly I will tell you what Stockholm Archipelago is. Archipelago is just few minutes away from Stockholm and it is a complex of nearly 30 000 islands and islets. You can find there rocky cliffs, open sea views, small cottages and many picnic places. Some islets are not inhabited and I found Archipelago as a whole as a very calm place since we did not meet any tourists.

We took a ferry from Stockholm Strömkajen to Vaxholm, which costs 79 kr for one person one way, and set off. An advantage of going there by the ferry is that you can take your bike on board and then easily move in the destination. Another advantage of the ferry is that you can admire the beauties of the islands and cute little houses while you are just sitting on the board. As we reached Vaxholm, we jumped on our bikes and started to explore. Although we did not have any plan what to see, I was more than pleased with what we had seen there. Usually, islands in archipelago are reachable only with a boat as they are not interconnected with any bridge. This is not the case of Vaxholm where you can easily come by bus on the road. Due to that fact, we wanted to see even two adjacent islands (Kullö and Resarö) and it was really worth it.

In Kullö, you can find nature reservation where you can step inside the deer-park and if you are lucky, you can touch animals (I hope that you can step inside and touch the animals because the signs there were in Swedish).


In Resarö is beautiful path along the water which is more suitable for walks so I recommend going without the bike. Then we travelled more north where we found an amazing place for snack (see the picture below). We found it accidently but it was probably the best thing that we had seen that day.

We took the ferry from Ytteby and here I should point out one important thing when travelling by the ferry. If you are standing on the ferry station, it is not sufficient for the captain of the ferry to stop there. You have to use a semaphore on the station which at the first sight does not seem to be the semaphore, but still use it ! Otherwise it can happen that the ferry you want to go with just sail along you without stopping and you have to wait for another one. Obviously, this happened to us 😀

If you have an opportunity to stay in Stockholm for few days, I think that Stockholm Archipelago is a must-do trip. And if you have any other tips for trips close to Stockholm (or anywhere), please, share them with me 😊

Have a pleasant start to new week!



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My first exam in Sweden


I would like to share with you my first experience with an exam here at SLU.

Yesterday, I had to take the exam from the course Environmental and Social Responsibility Marketing. Although we are in the middle of the course, we had the exam from the knowledge acquired during the lectures in September. In October, we have no lectures, only external lectures, supervision and some other things, as we work on our group projects. We do not have the results yet, but I feel quite calm and satisfied with what I have written in my test.

And how the exam looked like?

  • We recieved a student code/number which we had to use instead of our name and write it down in the test to ensure that the tests will be evaluated equally and the teacher will stay unbiased
  • Two people controlled us during the exam and our lecturer came to the class just for case if somebody wanted to ask some additional information related to the exam
  • The seating order was made according to the student code we recieved and we had many spare seats next to each other
  • All our personal belongings had to be placed in front of the classroom and we could leave only a pen, a bottle of water, some food and stuff like this on the table
  • We had almost 3 hours to write our aswers and finish the test (my hand really hurt afterwards :D)

To sum up what surprised me, I cannot imagine cheating during the exam and moreover, I find it impossible as the controllers are still paying attention on the order in the class. But I find this system more suitable because it is based on what you really know and not how can you cheat. I will see how other exams look like, but so far, I find it appropriate.

And what is a good thing about the exams?

You have to celebrate it. With food, preferably in my case.

So, at first we went to Stockholm nations´ cafe and had nice “after-exam-fika”. I can truly recommend you everything you see in the picture and I think even everything they offer. Delicious.

And then in the evening, we met with other fellowstudents (unfortunately not all of us) to celebrate this first milestone together. It was so nice to spend some time together and I really enjoyed it. I assume that I was really lucky to have such nice new friends!

Hejdå !


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Trip to Gamla Uppsala


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and in this post I would like to share my recommendation for a trip.

If you are looking for a trip in Uppsala surroundings, you should go to Gamla Uppsala. It will take you less than 20 minutes on the bike to get there from the centre (you can take a bus, as well) and it is really worth visiting. I was there in the beginning of September and it enchanted me with its peacefulness and beauty.

Gamla Uppsala is a village outside Uppsala and it is one of the most important historic sites in Sweden. From the path that runs through the site you can admire royal burial mounds which are the graves from the sixth century A.D.

You can find there Gamla Uppsala Museum, which I have not visited, where you can learn more about history of this place. Due to beautiful weather it was that day, I preferred to admire nature beauties instead (and I am not so much into history, either :D).

Tip: I met a guy there who advised me to download “Gamla Uppsala” app (I do not know the name of it) where you can observe how the site looked like many years ago. As I was already leaving, I did not do so, but for the next time I will be prepared.

You can see Uppsala Cathedral and Uppsala Castle in the distance

If you decide to go there, let me know how you liked it 🙂



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Environmental and Social Responsibility Marketing #1


In this article, I would like to describe what you can expect from studying at SLU, what subject you will you participate in within Environmental Economics and Management Master´s program and what are the requirements to pass.

I would start by saying that Swedish education system is really different from the Czech one, as here in Sweden, we are supposed to have only one subject at once. The length of the course depends on how many credits you will get afterwards. In short, one month usually means 7,5 credits. In the Czech Republic, I was used to having many subjects simultaneously and it was common that within one week I had to take several tests or assignments. Thus, I could not fully concentrate on one particular topic as I had many distinct subjects.

My first subject that I have to pass at SLU is Environmental and Social Responsibility Marketing (15 credits) and I will attend this course for two months. The course started at the end of August and at the end of the first week we already had to submit a first assignment. In second week another one and so on 😀 A bit faster beginning then I was used to.

Within this course, sustainability is addressed from a marketing perspective and during the lectures we discuss current issues dealing with environmental, social and economical issues. To get theoretical understanding of those issues, we are supposed to write reflections on the articles and later discuss them in the class. In the middle of the course, we have to take an exam, however, the majority of our final grade is dependent on the group project. By the group project is meant that we will make use of our theoretical understanding and write an article about chosen topic and then present it in the class. Throughout the course there are several external lectures provided by business representatives who share with us how environmental strategies are implemented in organizations in these days.

Next month, I intend to write a summary about this course as I think it may be more suitable to make it after completing the course but so far, I can say that I find this subject essential for our major as we acquire knowledge of burning issues from the marketing perspective which plays an important role in changing unsustainable patterns of consumption. And below you can find a video which I find interesting because it makes you think about the whole issue more in-depth and maybe you realize the magnitude of the impacts of the production and consumption patterns.



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SLU Campus #1

Hej !

In this article, I will show you how SLU Campus in Uppsala looks like. For this time, we will stay outside the buildings as I prepared pictures of outdoor areas and soon you can look forward to the article showing interior.

SLU Campus is located south of the city Uppsala and campus itself is large (at least it seems to me) and you will find many buildings for different purposes. So far, I do not have a lot more to say about individual buildings but maybe with another article describing campus I will provide you with more details.

So this is my campus 🙂

Bicycle path through the campus

Veterinary and Animals Science Centre (VHC building) – usually veterinary and animal nursing programs are taught there and also University animal hospital is there

Ulls hus – the main building where you can find SLU’s central management and administration and also common teaching facilities as well as a service center for receiving visitors and serving students and staff

Subjects for molecular sciences, forestry mycology, plant pathology and plant biology are mainly taught in BioCentrum. Still don´t know why our class Sustainability and Social Responsibility Marketing takes place here.

Knowledge garden

View from Knowledge Garden – Ulls hus on the left and BioCentrum on the right

Knowledge Garden

In the middle you can see Student Union house


Everyday struggle – where to park my bike?

I hope that you enjoyed the pictures.

Wish you a pleasant Sunday!


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Commuting from Stockholm to Uppsala


Today I would like to write a bit more about my commuting by train from Stockholm to Uppsala.

Some of you may be in the same situation and appreciate this information and some of you may be just curious about the price, length of the way and other things.

SL an SJ train

The best option in case of regular commuting from Stockholm to Uppsala is purchasing the period SL + UL ticket for 30 days. Then you can spend so much time on the train as you wish. Stockholm is well-prepared for commuting to adjacent cities as there are many commuter trains, the one you need to get from Stockholm to Uppsala is number 38. This train goes every half hour during all day (in the evening once an hour) and at last train leaves at 0:26 from Uppsala.

  • Travel time

As you can use only SL trains, it takes a bit longer than national SJ trains which do not have so many stops. From Stockholm central station to Uppsala central station the travel time is 55 minutes with 12 stops. The advantage of commuter train is that it stops even elsewhere in the city. I usually go to Solna station which is more in the north (and closer to my home) so it takes (only) 48 minutes to Uppsala. Then, you have to add time spent on the way to and from central station. In Stockholm, it takes me 10 minutes from my home to Solna station and in Uppsala it lasts 20 minutes from central station to SLU. In total, it takes me one hour and half from door to door.

  • Price

It costs 1040 kr for students and it enables you to use not only the train but all public transport in Stockholm and Uppsala. I find it very useful on rainy days that I can just decide not to bike in the city.

  • How to buy

You can buy the ticket at SL or UL centres ( and The Access card itself costs 20 kr and then it depends on what ticket you want to buy. (I think that there is also possibility of buying the ticket through the mobile app but I didn´t find out more about it)

I know that for some of you it may sounds really awfully to spend 3 hours in total with commuting but so far, I don´t mind it beucase firstly, I do not have to go to school every day. Secondly, I try to read on the train or to do something what I would have to do at home anyway and thirdly, I have two cities that I can explore so it means more possibilities for leisure time activities. Due to the fact that it is not possible to travel with a bike, I have two bikes. One in Stockholm and another one in Uppsala. The only issue I have with owning two bikes is that I can´t decide which one I prefer more.

I would say that the important thing is that you should be well-prepared for the time spent on the train to take time right.

Have a nice day,


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