Today is Luciadag (Saint Lucy´s Day), which is celebrated every year on 13th of December and  it seems to be a popular event in Sweden. Saint Lucy´s Day is celebrated in many countries but in Scandinavia it is a popular occasion and many public events take place. Sankta Lucia is represented by a girl in white dress who wears a crown with burning candles. She is the bearer of light in long and dark winters and candle processions and choirs are related to this celebration.

In the city, there is a lot of events related to celebration of Luciadag. Typically, you can go on Luciakonsert to the church and enjoy the ceremony. This is what I did with my friends. We bought tickets (more than one month in advance) to Uppsala Domkyrka to see this traditional feast and it was beautiful. Domkyrka inside is really huge and a lot of people came to see Luciakonsert. Whole cathedral was covered in darkness  and only light of candles created cosy atmosphere.


As it was dark inside, my pictures are not really suitable to reflect that nice atmosfere of the concert. But you can google a lot of pictures or here is information about this year´s concert.

With Luciadag is related a special baked bun – Lussekatt (St. Lucy Bun), which is now literally in every bakery and shop. These buns are made with saffron and therefore they have typical yellow colour and as I noticed Swedes are crazy about making every pastry yellow in this part of the year. Even cinnamon buns, almond buns, sugar buns turn into yellow and new varieties and shapes of Lussekatt come into stores. I tried even saffron ice-cream and I have to admit that it is not my favourite taste and I am looking forward till all pastries are without that specific taste again.

I am so glad that we bought tickets for Luciakonsert as it was something new for me and I really enjoyed that. After this event, I got into real Christmas mood. So if you are in Scandinavia for Luciadag in the future, do not hesitate and buy tickets.



Denisa 😀

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Pepparkakshus 2017

What belongs to Christmas more than gingerbreads? Gingerbread houses!

Yesterday, I went to ArkDes museum in Stockholm, where is a current exhibition of gingerbread houses of all shapes and decorations made from different edible stuff. It is a competition where children, adults and proffesionals built their gingerbread house and results are just amazing! It was really pleasant exhibition with smell of gingerbread everywhere 😀

This exhibition is open until 7th on January so in case you are in Stockholm, I recommend  visiting this museum, which is for free ! You can find out more here.

Now, I let pictures speak instead.


I am sure you can smell gingerbread though pictures, can´t you?

Moreover, yesterday it was Peparkakansdag (Gingerbread´s day) so it was nice celebration of those nice smelling pastries.

Have a nice second advent Sunday!


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Production Economics #1

Hi everyone.

To be frank, I was postponing this article as I did not know where to begin with sharing my mixed feelings about my second course. I will write it as it is and maybe you will learn something from my experiences.

The second course is called Production Economics and it is not obligatory for my programme (Environmental Economics and Management), however, I found out that after registration into this course and then I did not want to deal with changing course as it seemed to be complicated. Most of my fellow-students from the previous course were registered into Leadership & Sustainability and it was also offered to them automatically instead of Production Economics. I was confused that people in the same study programme are given different courses but I did not try to change as even Production Economics sounded appealing to me.

I missed the beginning of the course as I was in Copenhagen and then I realised that many students decided to change this course. I suppose that the main problem that many students wanted to change this course was because previously, we did not know that we have a possibility of changing the course which was offered to us and as the Production Economics started with overwhelming formulas, equtions and derivatives, I understood that many students got a feeling that this is not what they expected. I have to admit that it was not pleasant beginning of the course for me as our teacher enjoyed long formulas without explaining the real meaning and the pace was fast, too.

Anyway, I decided not to change the course and stay with Produtions Economics due to several reasons:

  • it is hard to make a consistent picture of the course from few lessons
  • both courses were already running and I did not like the feeling that I missed a lot even in another subject
  • I did not want to deal with formalities related to change of course
  • I took it as a challenge which I did not want to give up 😀

So, it was few sentences which I considered essential to mention and now to the content of Production Economics.

As I have already mentioned, in the beginning I was a bit lost in all those formulas and methods we used and it was difficult for me to follow the lectures. But by the time, everything has settled and finally now, I can see the purpose of what we are doing and I find it useful.

In the past, I have come across Lagrange Multipliers, but in this course, it is the main topic and we use Lagrange all the time. Lagranges´s function comes in handy when we want to solve a function subject to constraints. And due to all resources are limited, we all have to face some constraints and hence, we learn how to formulate a models which reflect reality. We apply modeling techniques and simulate them to solve problems in a planning environment, we analyze economic problems which agricultural firms have to face.

Part of this course are group assignments (case studies), where examples of changing environmental regulations, policy interventions, change of technology and others are included and we have to reclect impacts of those changes on our model.

In January, we will give presentations and take an exam and I know that I have a lot to learn, but at least now I can see the meaning of those models and formulas. I will provide you with overall evaluation in January. Lastly, I suppose it is important to mention that it is only my subjective impression about this course and many students attending this course found it interesting from its beginning.

I am curious what the final thoughts about this course will be, too. In 2018, we will have a look at it 😀

Hejdå, Denisa



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Christmas time

December´s here !

Today was the first Advent Sunday, which means that Christmas mood and decoration are everywhere. It also means that whole November flew away incredibly fast, at least for me. I really enjoy Christmas atmosphere, however, what I could omit are crowded Christmas markets and shops. For me personally, visiting Christmas markets is nice but on the other hand, crowds of people are rather annoying 😀 But in a new city/country, you have to discover everything, and therefore this year I went to Gamla Stan immediately as soon as they opened (2nd of December). It was super crowded that I could not even see what they offer in the stalls. I suppose going there on weekdays is a better choice.

I would like to share some pictures from Stockholm´s Christmas market and from the city.



This is my Advent “wreath” which I created within maybe 3 minutes? Here is what you need.

  • one flowerpot from dead herb you did not care about properly (:D)
  • 4 candles
  • some natural decoration (needles, twigs or want you like)

And that´s it. Perfectly simple, however, very festive, I would say 🙂


And beautiful Christmas tree at SLU.

Enjoy the Christmas mood and until next time. Take care,


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Campus Ultuna #2

Hi !

I will devote this last November post to our beloved campus as it has been few weeks already since I promised to show you SLU campus even from inside. Previously, I showed you which buildings can be found at SLU Ultuna campus and today we will have a look into them. However, I realised that I have so many pictures which are essential for making an overall picture that I will begin with Ulls hus (where many things, I want to show you, are) and next time I will cover other buildings as well. Anyway, Ulls hus became my favourite place and I suppose that many other students feel the same as it is the newest and nicest building in our campus. As you step in, you can see that everything is new, modern and with nice furniture. Ulls hus is centre for many things. You can find service centre, IT support, offices of teachers, lecture halls, shop with café, kitchens and table tennis. Yes, we have table tennis. Moreover, there are rackets and table tennis balls available thus you can play whenever you want to (unless it is not occupied by others). Ulls hus is divided into two buildings which are separated, and you have to go out to enter another one.


With my second subject (Production Economics), we always have lectures in different room and luckily, they often take place in Ulls hus. However, some of the lecture rooms are not very suitable for anything else than for lectures where a presentation is projected as white boards with written text cannot be perfectly visible from everywhere.

At the service center you can get a help or any information. People there are willing to answer your questions and they have a perfect overview about everything what students need to know. They can print out you a certificate of registration and provide you with other useful advice. IT support is a part of service centre and in the beginning of your studies, you will probably meet them as they help students with logging in into university site.

In each building, you can find many group rooms which are intended for students to have a proper space when dealing with group projects or assignments. I think it is perfect as you are not disturbed by noise and you can  fully focus on your task. Group rooms are usually equipped with white board thus you can work even more efficiently.

Important part of Ulls hus is Amigo shop where you can buy hot beverages, candies, salad for lunch, sandwiches, kanelbullar and even notebooks and other useful things. During the breaks it may be really crowded as everybody is eager to drink coffee.

Kitchens are necessary part of each building. Even though they are equipped with many microwaves, it may happen that you have to wait in queue for a while when you want to heat up your lunch as it is pretty normal in Sweden that students bring their own lunch boxes to school. Afterwards you can enjoy your food at any table with a nice view.


And other places which I suppose that are worth showing!


And Christmas one!

So, it was a lot of pictures 😀

I am wondering what kind of articles would you like to see here. Would you prefer articles with less pictures and with more text instead?

I just do what I was missing when intended applying to SLU. I tried to find some pictures of campus, but only very few of them were available. On the other hand, it was a pleasant surprise for me when I entered campus for the first time (in that case, sorry for spoiling :D). However, I believe that it is important to show all parts of my student life here and as you can see, it is not only about studying and sitting in a library. I try to enjoy it here to full hence I plan trip and other activities. Anyway, I am willing to adjust the content if you are looking for any specific articles 🙂

See you in December !


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Trip to Lund

Hej hej !

I hope you all had a nice weekend and today I bring another article related to travelling as iln the beginning of November I was in Copenhagen and I decided to explore not only Copenhagen but also adjacent cities Malmö and Lund. Now it is time to show the beauties of Lund.

Getting to Lund from Malmö is super easy. The train takes you there in 10 minutes from Malmö central station to Lund central station so if you decide to go to Malmö, I believe that you will not regret if you spare few extra minutes/hours to visit Lund.

Lund is a university city and somehow is similar to Uppsala. It has around 90 000 inhabitants and approximately 41 00 are students. Similarly as Uppsala, it becomes a ghost town when students are not there 😀 Lund has beautiful historical houses and most of the buildings which you can see in the city belong to Lund University which is spread across the city. Lund University is second-oldest university in Sweden, after Uppsala University. There are many student nations as well and cathedral which is a dominant in the city.

We were walking through the city and I admired all buildings there and I immediately started to love this city full of picturesque houses. For me personally, Lund was really nice surprise because at first, I was not sure whether it is worth going there but then I did not regret even for a while.

And have you already filled out your application to Master´s programmes at SLU? Previously, I described what is needed to successfully submit an application and you can find some tips how to proceed.

Have a nice start to new week.


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Snow !

First snow of this winter has already come!

On Sunday 19th of November it started to snow and in the morning next day everything was covered in snow, which was really nice. In the Czech Republic we have snow every winter (and not only in the mountains), so it was not first snow for me at all, but actually it was first snow in Sweden for me, so there is a good reason to mention it here 😀 For me, every year first snow is something admirable and later on it starts to be annoying and you wish spring to come. However, first snow is special and I always enjoy it.

So on Monday I woke up to snowy streets in Stockholm and then I came to Uppsala where the layer of snow was as well. A disadvantage of temperatures below 0°C is that your bike lock may be frozen and so do your brakes on it. But despite that, it is nice to bike and spend some time in white fairytale.

I cannot decide which season is the most beautiful. In autumn, I consider autumn as the nicest and now when snow has come, I cannot tell for sure. The snowy landscape is so beautiful and looking out from the indoor makes me feel really comfortable. Here are some pictures of snowy SLU campus and Uppsala and I am sure that you will feel the same way I do 😀

When I came back to Stockholm, I realised that it had snowed a lot while I was away. Everything was white and I really enjoyed that feeling of first snow. And now some pictures from Stockholm to show the situation here as well.

Isn´t it beautiful? (I am just curious when I am fed up with this and wish spring to come :D)

So try to enjoy those beauties and spend some time outside.



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Applying for SLU Master´s programmes

Are you interested in studying at SLU? I am sure you are but maybe you do not believe in your success. In this article, I would like to describe what is needed to complete an application form.

An important date which should be mentioned is 15th of January as it is a deadline for first admission round. I recommend applying by this deadline as you will find out the results by 6th of April and it gives you plenty of time for looking for accommodation and other arrangements. Second admission round has deadline on 16th of April and results should be provided before 12th of July.

And another important thing is that as I come from the country within the EU, I did not have to care about other things which students outside the EU had to, therefore I am not able to describe requirements for students outside the EU.

Applying for universities in Sweden is unified for all Swedish universities. Hence you have to apply through (, where you quickly create an account and choose universities you are interested in. What surprised me was that you can apply for 4 universities in total and it is important that you pay attention to prioritizing the study programmes you choose as you will be offered a place according to your ranking there. If you are offered the place at university which was your first priority, then you cannot get other places. In nutshell, you can get only one study place in Sweden. This is different from other countries where you can be admitted to different universities at the same time.

What do you need to apply?

  • What you should think about at first is language certificate or another proof of language skills. I decided to take an IELTS Academic and I recommend preparing for it in advance as the structure of the exam may be different than you are used to and even though your English is advanced, the criteria of this exam are slightly different. A convenient studying method is to look for IELTS former exams and go through all the parts as many times as you can. It may be a time-consuming process but really worthy, in my opinion.
  • Another step is a motivation letter which you should think about in advance as well as I suppose it may reveal your strengths and ambitions which you have to offer. First of all, you can just start with considering the important characteristics about yourself and what you have achieved in your life and other things which you consider as important to mention. Prepare some notes of information which you want to use and later on you can write final motivation letter. (After finishing this article, I realised that maybe a motivation letter was not obligatory but even though, I uploaded it because I had it already prepared. However, I could have saved a lot of time if I had not done it. So check actual requirements to be sure).
  • Those two points were more challenging I would say and now few words about those easier ones. To prove your Bachelor studies, you have to enclose your Diploma and its translation unless you obtained it in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English, French or German. In my case, I had to translate it from Czech and it took about 5 days. But maybe you have not finished your Bachelor studies yet and in that case, you will submit it as soon as you get your Diploma.
  • Another required document is transcript of records from your studies. You will probably get that from your home country without any difficulties. I suppose it should not be a problem for your university to issue transcript directly in English and in that case, you do not have to make any translation of it. Tip: be careful about the stamps and signatures – some universities require that each page is stamped and signed
  • Scan of your passport is required. Especially for students from the EU it proves that you are not obliged to pay a tuition fee. 



And that is it. Just 5 (4 :D) bullet points and new adventure may begin!




SLU offers many Master´s programmes which you can find here:

Hopefully, this article showed you that the whole procedure is not that confusing and difficult and if you hesitate about applying then you should not, just do it.

Lycka till! Denisa

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Ultuna Näringslivsdag

Hej hej,

here I bring some information how Career Fair looked like. On 15th of November there was a Career afternoon (Ultuna Näringslivsdag) organised by the Student union which means that some companies came to SLU and students could come to their stalls and ask for job/internship opportunities and lot more.

I know something similar from my university in the Czech Republic, so I partly knew what to expect. One disadvantage which I perceived was that most of the companies were Swedish, so I did not know them before and had to look for what they do or ask them at the fair. However, all representatives were nice and willing to answer all our questions. Even though you are not looking for a job or internship, I suppose it is a great opportunity to get in touch with possible future employers and find out what requirements do they have. For example, some companies require Swedish language or offer only full-time jobs and therefore you can make a better overview about your possibilities after your studies.

SLU gives you a great opportunity to be well-prepared for this Career Fair as on 8th of November there was a lecture/career afternoon for students about how to prepare for Career Fair on 15th of November and where useful tips and advices were provided. Students had an opportunity to ask about something and people from Career department were available to answer those questions. Funny thing about this all is that it was held in Swedish. The slides of presentation were in English, but it was presented in Swedish. I am not sure why was it in Swedish as I suppose that Swedes are not that ashamed to speak English and their English skills are pretty advanced. However, I was able to understand some parts and other I could guess from the slides and gestures 😀



I can truly recommend you participating at both (or at least Career Fair) events as you will find out useful information, get some contacts, make a better picture about future job possibilities and furthermore you will get some presents, candies and pens from those companies 😊

Bye, Denisa

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Trip to Malmö

Hello everybody.

Within our trip to Copenhagen we did a trip to Malmö as well. Malmö is in close proximity to Copenhagen and we took the train from Copenhagen which took us there in approximately 40 minutes. Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden with population of around 300 000.

First things we wanted to see were The Oresund Bridge and Turning Torso so we went to Västra Hamnen where you can get really nice views of sea with that famous bridge and go for a walk in waterfront where Turning Torso is a real dominant.

The Oresund Bridge

Turning Torso

Afterwards we went to Malmöhus Slott, Stortorget and Lilla torg, where cute houses can be found. I did not look for so much information about the city before our trip there because we met a friend who lives in Lund and knows both cities well. Having a local guide has plenty of advantages. Firstly, you do not have to search for places you should not miss as he may guide you in the city and show interesting places. Secondly, he can recommend you a proper place for having a lunch. We went for the lunch for kebab which is said to be tastier and much cheaper than in Stockholm. So in case you are in Malmö, I assume it is a useful tip for lunch.


Lilla Torg


After our lunch we took a train from Triangeln station to Lund which we wanted to explore as well. I suppose that Lund deserve its own article so if you are curious how Lund looks like, wait for another article. The only thing is that in upcoming articles I have other things which I think I should write about therefore you have to wait a bit.

I would like to remind you that this Wednesday 15th of November takes place Career Fair in Ultuna which means that you can meet companies´representatives and discuss job opportunities with them. You can read more about the event here.

Denisa 🙂


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