Ethics course

Hej hej,

I would like to summarise what the Ethics course was about. It was the 5 credits course and during the semester we did not have that many lectures or seminars which gave us a sufficient amount of time to prepare for the assignments.

First of all, I think this was one the best courses so far despite the first doubts. I mean the topic of ethics can be really broad, ranging from theoretical ethics to applied ethics, which I suppose is more valuable for us. And luckily this course covered practical things which we will unavoidably come across in the future.

The course started off with 4 lectures where the main theoretical grounds were introduced and discussed. Mainly, we discussed consequentialism, virtue ethics, and deontology. These were the primary concepts discussed throughout the course and lectures gave us an overview of how these grounds can form and affect the decision we make. Subsequently, we had several seminars. The first seminar was focused on sustainability reporting which currently has a certain significance for companies. We examined different reports and compared the information they contained. This was really valuable seminar since we could discuss differences and our perceptions within the class. For another seminar, we had to choose the journal paper article on the topic we wanted to explore, however, still related to the course topic. We wrote a summary of that article and provided feedback to another group and their article. I have to admit that really interesting topics were chosen and it was rewarding to listen to the summary of the articles. Finally, the main emphasis was on the final essay where we chose an ethical dilemma and examined the existing or imagined problem from the perspective of different ethical grounds. As the final essay was graded and more important than other assignments we had to submit, we had also (preliminary) topic presentation seminars where we introduced our prospective topic and explained what we want to examine and received feedback and help from the others.

Even though this course did not have any final exam, I am determined that I have learned a lot because we had to apply our knowledge of the real case in the final essay. To realize the aim of the final essay we had to describe the ethical dilemma that a certain person face with and discussed different approaches and ethical grounds.

For the upcoming year, this course will be implemented within the new course called Marketing, Responsibility and Ethics which should be more focused on business topics. I believe that the most interesting and rewarding things we learned will be kept so that you should not miss anything important.

Next time I will write about the course Value chain and networks in Bioeconomy which we took parallelly with Ethics course.

Enjoy the summer!


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SLU is the best young university in Sweden


it is not that long time ago when I wrote about the SLU´s success in ranking. However, this time SLU holds the 36th place in the world list of young universities, which is a great success! Rating was provided by Times Higher Education and in total, 250 universities in 55 countries were evaluated based on 5 criteria – education, research, citations, internationalisation and external fundings. As a young university can be considered the university aged less than 50 years.

From Swedish universities, SLU attained the first place. Örebro university was ranked 62th and Linköping university 73rd. You can check the ranking here.

Congratulations to SLU !


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Thesis Day


Today was Thesis day at SLU. Thesis day is an event, where students present their degree projects with posters and presentations. This year, it was arranged for the first time and it was interesting to see what we are supposed to do next year. We could see what the posters contained and how students structured them that could help us to create a better overview about those posters. The whole event is open to public so that even your relatives are welcomed to see posters and presentations.

The event ended with a ceremony where prizes for best degree poster and oral presentation were given. Even though I have not participated the whole event, I think it was interesting to see what kind of topics students choose and how do they present it.

So, next year it is our turn!

But now it is time to enjoy summer, finally 🙂


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Another motivation to study in Sweden

The other day I saw a video which I would like to share here since it is kind of motivating. Moreover, since I live here in Sweden almost for one year, I have to admit that most of those things mentioned there are really true. Especially, when the video came to “sun lovers”, I had to smile, because in this season you can see everyone outside, sunbathing or just enjoying warm days. No matter what, Swedes enjoy sunny days. And I can totally understand that and gladly join them 😀

I could confirm basically all other terms, but I do not want to prolong it, so this is the video 🙂

I can recommed websites, where the video comes from, because there are plenty of useful articles for prospectives students and some of those will really come in handy.

Hejdå från Sverige 🙂


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Final days of the courses


this week we have our final presentations and next week we will take an exam. Then this academic year is over. During any presentation we have to highlight main points that we investigated within our projects. Currently, I have two courses, and both have slightly different requirements of presentation, however, there is always an opponent or discussant (mostly two or more people) to your project, who help you to develop your project and give you important insights into how the reader perceive your work. Sometimes you can give just a brief presentation, for about 5 minutes and in other cases you may be required to present for 15 minutes. Length of presentation varies a lot, but the thing that you can be sure about is that discussion will come thereafter. Emphasis is on providing a constructive feedback which is not always easy task as it may seem, but we are given a lot of possibilities to learn it. Good thing for those who does not enjoy giving presentations is that we are always a small class of around 25 people in total, however, presentations are usually divided into two groups, so that you present to people you know, and the group is not that large.

This is picture from our discussion 🙂

Good luck with your courses!

Lycka till !


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Student Union x Student Nation


I realised that had never described the difference between Student Union and Student Nations in Uppsala, which is something I was really lost in during my first days of the campus (let´s be honest, during first weeks or months :D). I did not know what students unions or nations are from my previous studies, so that I had to learn more and maybe this article could help you not to be confused by these two terms.

Student Union

  • There is only one
  • You have to pay to become a member
  • Union is located on the campus
  • Only SLU´s students can join
  • Union is mainly in charge of monitoring the quality of education therefore they work with the university and try to address some shortcomings
  • They organize activities for new students in the beginning of semester but also during the year there are events organised by Union
  • Membership fee is 250 sek/semester (if I remember correctly)

Student Nation(s)

  • There are 13 nations in Uppsala
  • You have to pay to become a member
  • They are spread out in the city
  • History of Student Nations goes back to 17th century
  • All students at the university in Uppsala can join
  • Student Nations are named according to Swedish regions
    • Stockholms nation, Uplands nation, Södermanlands-Nerikes nation, Västmanlands-Dala nation, Smålands nation, Göteborgs nation, Kalmar nation, Värmlands nation, Norrlands nation, Gotlands nation, Gästrike-Hälsinge nation, Östgöta nation and Västgöta nation
  • There are several activities every week – ranging from pubs, clubs, theme events – so that students have endless opportunities to meet and socialise
  • To become a member you can choose whichever Nation you like (some serve more vegan food, some have good parties,…)
  • Membership fee varies from nation to nation, but expect to pay around 260-280 sek/semester

Building of Student Union (on the right)

So, now you know the differences and maybe you are asking: Why should I become a member?

  • Of course, you can become a member of both
  • During your first days, Student Union will help you to get a Mecenat card (student card to get student discounts) and you can buy discounted tickets for events organized by Union (some dinners, Lucia concert and a lot more). Since I do not live in Uppsala, I have not participated at those events and for second semester I am not a member anymore
  • Having a Student Nation card seems to be a must have for students since most probably you will go out with your fellow students and you cannot enter Nation without a Nation card, which proves that you are a member. In case of some nations, you are allowed to eat lunch there even without the card, however, you cannot go to pubs or clubs without one. So that, I think you will not avoid becoming a member of Student Nation

Hopefully, this helped you somehow. I would have really welcomed these differences at the beginning of my studies because this is not information that you will find on Nations´ websites.


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Only few days left

Hej hej,

It sounds a bit oddly when I realise that soon we will finish the courses and the first year of my Master´s studies will be over. Currently, we have no lectures, however, we have to finish our projects and there is still a lot to work on. It becomes even harder to concentrate on your duties when the weather is so beautiful. This period I attend two courses – Ethics and Value Chain and Networks in Bio-economy and both of them are really interesting and again we have a possibility to broaden our perspectives. After we submit everything what is required I will write about those courses since they provided us with essential knowledge that we will make use of in the future, but for this time I will not go into details.

Within any course at SLU (but I suppose at any university) you will have to work on several group projects and you can always choose the topic you would like to explore. What I really like is that usually you can choose whatever you like, just you have to be able to apply it to the course syllabus and topics. I find this really rewarding since you can investigate something what you think might be interesting for your thesis and in case you find it interesting even after submitting, then you have at least better overview about the topic for the future. Even though you will not extend the knowledge gained due to the project, I am sure you learnt something valuable.

I hope you can enjoy these sunny days.



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Spring in Stockholm

Hej hej!

Kungsträdgården is probably one of the most famous spots in Stockholm during spring since cherry blossom trees have their season and they start to blossom. I do not have any comparison with previous years, but I felt that this year they started to blossom later than usually. This year it has started around 24th of April and it still lasts until these days. Of course, you can find crowds of people close by, so that it is better to avoid going there in rush hours. However, it is really nice to walk underneath blossoming cherry blossom trees and get the feeling of spring and warmer days.

Finally it seems that spring is really here 🙂

Hejdå, Denisa

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Trip to Tyresta National Park

Hej hej.

Summer days are coming and therefore I would like to recommend you a place to visit – Tyresta National Park. Tyresta National Park is just around 20 km south of Stockholm and can be easily reached by SL traffic. It was established in 1993 and includes 2000 hectares of beautiful landscape where you can enjoy many walking trails and countless views on lakes surrounded by forest.

In 1999, there was an extensive forest fire which changed the appearance of large part of the National Park. You can find fallen trees there and even though the fire had been many years ago, you can still perceive that it takes so much time for the forest to renew itself. However, it is interesting to see the difference between this scene of forest fire and unspoilt forest nearby.

When I was there, I walked a trail of around 13 km and you can ask in visitor centre for a suitable trail recommendation based on your preferences and time availability. I think it is convenient to have as much time as possible since it is always better not to be in a rush and thus you can sit somewhere and enjoy this peaceful national park. I loved the area around Långsjön where you can see the lake (= sjön) from every corner and some beautiful small islands on the lake, too. And of course, I think it is interesting to compare the area which was affected by the fire in 1999 with the unspoilt wildlife in other parts of Tyresta.

I was pleased with unspoilt nature in the park and I must admit that I did not see any rubbish thrown away in the forest despite the lack of rubbish bins. Wildlife there is protected, and it is not allowed to damage the vegetation and even break branches of fallen trees. In case you want to oversleep there or do a barbeque, you have to do it at marked places only.

I can highly recommend going there and enjoying the calmness and unspoilt nature.


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TED Talk recommendation #2


today I want to share an inspirational TED Talk video that I have seen few months ago and I suppose many students, but basically everybody, can relate to it. I really liked the example of broken water heater and other thoughts about the elasticity of time. I have to admit that often I recall this video in case I cannot decide how to priotise my activities and then try to really think about what matters the most for me. Moreover, I realised that I cannot be satisfied if I do not have time for the activities I like, hence even though I am busy with school stuff, I always try to spare at least few minutes to recharge and not to get overwhelmed by deadlines and duties.

I hope that this video inspired you to think about the priorities in your life and school-life/work-life or even school-work-life balance.


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