Uppsala x Stockholm


After few months of studying and living in Sweden, I think I am able to compare two cities I spend most of my time in – Uppsala and Stockholm – and share how I perceive these cities.

  • Uppsala

Sometimes I would like to live in Uppsala to enjoy the proper student life since there is a lot of opportunities to go out and enjoy nice party with your friends. Another thing is that Uppsala is cosy and less chaotic city, so I feel calmer there but on the other hand, I come from Prague which is quite chaotic so maybe it would be too calm sometimes for me, in the end. I would say that Uppsala is more suitable for biking. You can find perfect cycling paths which are quite wide whereas in Stockholm, especially in the centre, paths are not really comfortable and sometimes there is a lack of parking for bikes. In Uppsala, everything is much closer and easily reachable. For example, if I need to go to IKEA, I choose the one in Uppsala because in Stockholm I have to travel quite far.

  • Stockholm

What I really love about Stockholm are the parks and nature in the city. You can easily escape to the real forrest in the middle of the city as in Stockholm you can find large parks with very high trees, so you may really get a feeling that you are in the countryside. Moreover, there are the animals in the parks and you can often come across horses, sheeps, cows or rabbits in them – how cute. And as Stockholm is surrounded by water, it is really easy to find a place to relax with the view on water and just enjoy the moment. In Stockholm you can find many public events and things to do, therefore I suppose that social life could be more interesting (however, student life is still better in Uppsala). It is easier to travel from the capital city as more bus connections or trains depart from Stockholm central station. Arlanda airport has a strategic location between Stockholm and Uppsala and it takes even shorter time to get to airport from Uppsala. You have more places to discover in the city and it takes time until you feel that you have seen everything, which is pleasant for me to know that there are places to visit.


In a nutshell, both cities are beautiful and each of them has something to offer. I am really glad that I have an opportunity to discover both of them at the same time. I assume that I was in different situation as I moved to Sweden with my boyfriend who was going to study at Stockholm university and if I had moved here alone, I would not doubt and lived in Uppsala of course. So, if you are in similar situation as I was, and you have to decide which city will you live in, it depends on your subjective requirements. However, these highlights might help you to decide.

Enjoy your Sunday!



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The Film about SLU


Below, you can watch a short film about how people engaged with SLU contribute to a better world. Everyone at SLU had a possibility to film short asnwers on the question “How do you contribute to a better world?” The final answers may give you a broader insight into the main areas that SLU addresses. I consider these films as very suitable for prospective students as you can find out more about the university´s background and see a little bit how campuses look like.

Here is the main film. In total, there are six short films where the main film is more complex and five others are thematic films focused more on particular subjects, such as Students, Environment & water, Animals, Food and Forests.

And the film about students

Here you can find out more details about a whole project and of course, see other films, too.

Hopefully those videos gave you new perspectives about what SLU is concerned about.


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Swedish Nature as a lure

Hej 🙂

Since on the 16th of April is the deadline for the second admission round for autumn semester where you can apply to SLU, I would like to share some pictures which may force you to apply and go study to Sweden, since you will not regret that. Firstly, you can apply through University Admissions websites here  and I have previously written all requirements you have to fulfill to apply. You can find it here. Secondly, you simply cannot regret going to Sweden to study since it will give you completely new perspectives in your major, you can always lead a discussion either with a proffesor or with your fellow students as in Sweden discussions during class are very welcomed, of course you will get to know many people from different backgrounds and cultures and therefore you get a possibility to capture some issues from various points of view. Lastly, life in Sweden is nice in every season and if you enjoy walking in the nature, then Sweden is a place to be !

You do not have to travel far from the capital city to find a very calm and beautiful nature. There is plenty of natural parks and paths along the water and you can easily enjoy the moment. In Sweden, you can often find a grill in the middle of a forrest where you can have a very pleasant barbeque with friends and people use it very often and not only during summer.

And of course there are nice benches to enjoy sunshine, too. Often you can find a table there so that you can enjoy it to the full with some snacks.

Nature is really beutiful here and often you have a nice view from some rocky mountain.

Even though I cannot compare studying here with other countries (only my home country), I am convinced that Sweden will exceed your expentations and hopefully you will like it as much as I do.

To see SLU campus in Uppsala, click here and here 🙂

Lycka till med ansökan/ Good luck with application


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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all of you.








I hope that it means that spring will come really soon because so far it has been still cold despite sunny days. Even though we are lucky enough to enjoy plenty of sunny days with a possibility of relaxing outside in the sunshine, temperature in the morning is still below zero and during day it rises to approximately 5°C these days, which is not a real spring for me 😀

On the other hand, days are more than 13 hours long which makes everything more convenient as you want to spend more time outside to enjoy daylight. I really enjoy these long days and it is just the beginning. After long dark days in winter this is just perfect and I cannot wait to spend warmer days outside.

Glad påsk / Happy Easter


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Research Methods course

Hej hej,

The second course, which we had to take this semester, was called Research Methods. Within this course we developed overall understanding of methodology which is essential for writing of our Master´s theses. I found this course really rewarding and I have learnt so many things which I will make use of during writing of any paper. I really feel the progress since the course has started. I had never taken any methodological course and finally now I had a possibility to learn all techniques to process data, analyse data and how to write academically in general.

We had a lot of assignments within this course, I mean, really a lot 😀 Every week we had two seminars and we had to be prepared to discuss, so that we had to read several articles and book  for each seminar to understand the topic. We had to submit 5 assignments in the first part of the course which were mostly related to qualitative and quantitative research methods and then we had to write a research proposal for a Master´s thesis where we had to show our understanding of all techniques and methods discussed during the course. This was difficult to find a topic which I would like to relate my future Master´s thesis to (we are not required to use the topic we wrote the proposal about, however, it would be nice just to develop the idea that we have already worked on).  We also had to read proposals done by other students and give them constructive feedback and also, we had received useful advice on how to develop our thoughts and whether the topic is relevant. We also had to submit a glossary of words used within this course. This was a list of more than one hundred of academical words and we had to explain them with our own words. The final document had more than 20 pages 😀 On the other hand, it was worth it as  we can use our own glossary in the future and due to use of referencing, we do not have to look for the articles or other sources again.

This course was really intense but really useful and beneficial. Even though I am so glad it is over, I am glad that I had a possibility to deepen my knowledge and I suppose that I can make use of this knowledge in every upcoming course.



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Environmental Risk Management and Assessment course


As two parallel courses are over now (yeeey!), it is time to give you some background about what we have done within the courses Environmental Risk Management and Assessment (5 credits) and Research Methods (10 credits). I will start with Environmental Risk Management and Assessment first and in the next article I will cover Research Methods. First of all, I have to mention that this semester was really challenging, and we had plenty of things to do every week. Previous semester, we had only 15 credit courses that means only one course at a time and now we had two parallel courses which was challenging to meet all deadlines.

Environmental Risk Management and Assessment 

This is a course for 5 credits only, however, it felt like 15 credits anyway! Even though we did not have so many lectures or seminars within the course, we had to work on assignments and individual projects, which were really time-consuming. Within this course we had to reflect upon articles related to environmental management system, environmental decision-making processes or for example to sustainable reporting and write three analytical assignments in total. These usually take a lot of time to write as you have to read articles and highlight important things and add your own opinions and views. In the second part of the course, we had to choose our own topic for a project. It had to be relevant to the subject, however, we could choose whatever we are interested in, which is always nice and it is easier to write about something you like. Those projects could be done individually or in pairs and of course, we had to give presentation and be opponent to a given project and give a constructive feedback. The length of the project was set to be between 2500 – 5000, which is not that long but in case you realise that it is only 5 credits course and for the other course you have a lot of things to do, too, then it feels like a really long project 😀

Although we read several interesting articles, the most I have learnt is from my project, as I spent plenty of time with that. To sum up, it was challenging for 5 credits, however, I have learnt valuable things so that in the end, it was worth it.

Next time, I will write about Research Methods course which was even more time-consuming and challenging.

Have a nice day, Denisa


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Stockholm metro #3


today we will have a look not exactly on Stockholm metro but Stockholm train stations, which are also worth visiting. These three are, in my opinion, the most interesting ones, however, it is possible that I missed some.  I enjoy those small details which create stations that everybody admires.

  • Stockholm City

On one hand very simple ceiling but on the other hand it makes it unique.

  • Stockholm Odenplan

This is really lovely idea as the lighting there is symbolising the heartbeat! Love that idea, simple but beautiful.

  • Stockholm Södra

Here probably the only interesting thing is the floor (:D)

Have a nice week !



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SLU in Top 4 in Agriculture and Forestry


Today I would like to share a SLU´s success!

QS World University Ranking awarded SLU a fourth place in the Agriculture and Forestry category and also 21st place in Veterinary. This is a real success because SLU is not that university with thousands of students as it has just under 4000 students and if you compare it to Uppsala University, for example, it has around 48 000 students. And usually those larger universities are ranked on first places.

No automatic alt text available.

This picture was taken from Topuniversities websites, where you can see all other rankings, too.

You can find other SLU´s success in rankings here.

Congratulations SLU !

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Vasa Museum

Hi !

You may have heard about Vasa Museum, which is a famous tourist attraction and belongs to the most visited museums in Stockholm. It is a maritime museum located on Djurgården in Stockholm and a dominant there is Vasa warship which sank only after few metres from the coast on her maiden voyage in 1628. In this museum, you can find various exhibitions related to the archeological findings of the ship and it offers an insights into early 17th centrury Sweden.

After the ship sunk in 1628, it had been below waterline for 333 years and now in the museum you can see 98 % of original ship, which is admirable and makes it world´s only preserved 17th century ship. You can see how decorated the ship was and read more about life onboard.

The Vasa Museum was opened in 1990 and every year more than a million visitors come to enjoy this unique exhibition. Preserving the ship presents a challenge therefore climate in the museum is constantly controlled and the temparature is maintained around 19°C, light is kept dark and humidity has to be set at certain level not to allow bacteria and mold to develop.

I have not share the reason why it sunk because I find it interesting and I do not want to spoil all interesting things about the ship as I believe that you can enjoy it more when explored by yourself.


Here is an offial website of Vasa museum so you can find more information and details.

Have a nice Sunday ! Denisa


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Swedish Personal Number #2

Hej hej!

In previous article, I wrote about Swedish Personal Number, what it is and how to get it. Now it´s the right time to tell you why is it convenient to have one.

Another thing which I should mention first is that having personal number is not sufficient. You have to obtain ID card to be able to prove that it is really your number. Therefore, another adventure begins with applying for ID card, however, this process is smoother in comparison with applying for personal number. The thing that I was surprised by is that you have to pay 400 SEK to get it. Even though you will have it for the rest of your life, it is kind of costly. But here come the advantages of having the personal number, or to be precise, having the ID card.

  • Bank account

You will probably want to open a bank account when you study in Sweden and without personal number, you cannot do that. This is probably the first thing you will do with your ID card and it will be the first moment of gratitude for having it 😀

  • Membership cards

This is a huge category as you can easily create a membership in some companies and hence get some discounts. You can become a member in the supermarket to be able to shop for better prices, be part of IKEA Family, create membership in the gym and basically, you can become member whichever store.

  • Swedish course

As soon as you get personal number, you can sign up for Swedish courses, which are for free. Yes, you do not have to pay for language course, which is amazing. Sweden offers free Swedish courses for immigrants and after completing the course, you can take a national exam and receive a certificate and possibly continue with other levels.

  • Online orders

Once, I wanted to buy something online and without personal number it would not be possible.

  • Phone contract

To make a contract with phone service provider, you need a personal number, otherwise, you can just pay a monthly fee for the services without any contract, which is sufficient for me.

  • Insurance

Once you have received your personal number, you will be entitled to all healthcare and pay fees as a Swede.

You can see that there is a wide range of advantages and for sure if you plan to stay longer in Sweden, personal number is a must !

Hopefully, you can see usefulness of personal number now and this article was helpful.

Hope you had nice weekend and enjoyed snowy days 🙂


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