How to survive winter in Sweden

Hi !

Today I prepared, hopefully, a useful list of ways how to survive cold in Sweden, or elsewhere.

Here are my tips what I do to overcome cold months:

  1. Hot tea/coffee
    • This is essential for me! I always have something warm to drink in my backpack. Usually, it is a tea of which I drink all the time during cold months.
  2. Wear extra layer of cloths
    • No matter what kind of layer, but for me it is a must do 😀
  3. Be active
    • even though it is not easy to push yourself sometimes, it is nice to go for a walk even when it is freezing as you get warm very fast
  4. Cook a soup
    • Eating soup is perfect anytime, but in winter it is really good way how to get warm quickly
  5. Think about past summer
    • It may sound odd, but it really helps me 😀 When I have to wait for a bus, for example, and it is really cold outside so that I shiver, I try to recall some nice moments of summer rather than thinking about how damn cold it is

In case you will be commuting from Stockholm to Uppsala during your studies, be prepared for some train delayes. It is kind of usual in winter, as far as I have experienced 😀

If you have any other useful tips on how to stay warm in winter, I will welcome any recommendations 🙂

But I have to admit that I was a bit affraid of winter in Sweden before I came here, however, it is not that cold. Of course, for few days the temperature was around -10°C and even less but mostly it was not that severe.

Hejdå Denisa

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Fettisdagen + Semla

After kanelbullensdag, kladdkakansdag, Luciabuns, here comes another famous day celebrated with sweet pastry – Fettisdagen where sweet Semla is the main part of this. This year it was on Tuesday 13th of February but it is not on fixed day hence it may occur between 3rd of February and 9th March.

Fettisdagen means fat Tuesday in English, sounds appealing, doesn´t it? 😀 The reason for this name is probably becuase it is supposed to be your last opportunity to eat fat meals before lent-term before the Eastern.

In Sweden, typical food eaten on this this day (not only on this day but even many weeks before) is called Semla, which is a cardamom bun filled with almond sugar paste and topped with whipped cream. Of course you can find Semla in every shop on Fettisdagen. These Swedish special days celebrated with food are my favourite and obviously, I have to keep traditions and taste it 😀

I tasted 3 different types of Semla. Two classical ones and one raw, which was of course totally different, however, still really good. Classical Semla is tasty but it may be heavy due to the abundance of whipped cream, but who cares when it is fat tuesday, right?

Next year, Fettisdagen will be on 5th of March so, mark it in your calendar !

Bye, Denisa


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TED Talk recommendation #1


There is one thing that I really enjoy doing in my free time which I would like to share with you. It is watching inspiring TED talks. It is so easy to watch these short videos and just listen to the people who are usually determined to spread their knowledge and as their presenting skills are perfect, I find it as a suitable form of abreaction.

I will share some of my favourite ones in upcoming weeks/months, so I hope you will enjoy them, too.

The first one which I decided to share is the one I have seen a long time ago, however, I still really like the message it shares.

Source: YouTube

Why I like this TED Talk specifically? I try to do a lot in order to mitigate my negative impacts on the environment and even in different areas and I don´t like when people say they alone cannot influence something. Even small steps are better that no effort. Therefore, this video could be more useful for those of you who have not done so much so far because now you may see that even with small changes in your habits, you can contribute to more sustainable future.

I hope you enjoy watching this TED Talk

Have a nice day,


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Trip to Oslo

Hej everybody!

With this article we will travel a little, as in January, we bought cheap bus tickets to Oslo and made a short but nice trip. Oslo is 8 hours from Stockholm by bus and we arrived on Saturday mornig which was great that we had all day to explore the city. Despite the cold in Oslo, we tried to spend as much time outside as possible and to see the most from Oslo.  I realised that travelling in winter is not that bad as it is not a touristic season hence you do not have to pay so much for accomodation, for example.

What I enjoyed the most in Oslo was its modern architecture which is admirable and I assume that the appearance of the city will change soon again as there were many places which were under the construction.



We saw those typical monuments for Oslo and took a long walk throughout the city.

Vigeland park


When I found out that there is a museum about a terrorist attack from 22nd July 2011, I really wanted to visit it. Moreover, it has free admission. It was really touching experience to read all those events that happened that day and see all victims of this terrible massacre. I have seen several documentaries about this attack and it is always moving, however, being in this place where it had all started, was even stronger feeling. In case you are in Oslo in upcoming years (the exhibition is only for few years), I can truly recommend visiting this museum.

22juli senteret

Have a nice day,




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Production Economics #2


I bring some news about the course Production Economics. I have already covered a lot of things in first part of this course desription, however, here comes a conclusion.  Group projects are over, presentation is over and of course exam is over, too. Therefore my final thoughts about this course are inevitable 🙂

I suggest reading the first part of the course evaluation first, as you may be lost otherwise.

After plenty of theorethical formulas and derivatives, I mentioned that I can see a purpose of the content. Which I can confirm even now as we solved a lot of empirical exercises and used a lot of examples from the real world which for sure helped me to learn more and get a better overview about the knowledge gained within this course in the future.

What takes an important part in making this course easier to follow, is undoubtebly our proffesor Hans. His attitude towards students is admirable as he is patient, supportive and able to pass his vast knowledge on his students. What I found pleasant was that in the beginning of the course he learnt our names and he was able to remember all of us. Well, sometimes he messed up some names, however, at his age it is admirable. I felt comfortable in the class as he paid attention to an ability of all students to follow the content of the course.

The requirements of the course where:

  • 3 group assignments –  The group assignments were difficult and very complex and each of them was related to different area. For example, we had to examine the optimal distribution of resources on the farms, find out level of emmisions and how the change of environmental policy changes the farm´s profit. We also calculated an optimal value of some crop, considered risks for the farm and as I have already mentioned, we used a lot Lagrange multipliers.
  • Final exam – First thing that come up to my mind about the exam is that is was super long! 😀 which means 5 and half hour of writing. Ok, for Swedes, it is not that surprising as they come to exam well-prepared with snacks and other refresment, however, for me it was really long. The process of the exam was basically the same as I described here, thus we picked up the number and signed our exam sheets with numbers instead of name to ensure anonymity, two people controlled us during the exam and professor came to the class only few times to answer possible questions. The test itself was difficult and challenging. We could use our notes from the lectures but sometimes it is better to rely on your knowledge and not to focus too much on looking up the information in your notes.

To conclude my thoughts, this course was well-structured to gain knowledge about economical aspects and I believe that I could make use of it in the future, maybe even in my Master thesis. Nevertheless, I suppose that this course is essential for students from Agronom or other economics programs. For students in business administration (me) it is perfect to deepen the knowledge and see environmental aspects even from the economical perspective, however, it may not be that neccessary.





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New courses

After completing the course Production Economics, new courses have started. Yes, courses. Currently, we have two courses at the same time, which used to be perfectly normal for me, however, I got used to the Swedish system where you usually attend one course only and after the course finishes, you continue with another one. Therefore, it seems that it is going to be busier this semester as we have a lot of assignments.

The first course is Research Methods (10 credits), which will come into handy during writing our thesis and other projects. We will go through the different methods and techniques for gathering data and make use of our knowledge acquired from different studies and articles. In the course of this subject, we have to submit different assignments and a draft for a research plan.

Another course is called Environmental Risk Management and Assessment (5 credits), where we will examine corporate decision-making process related to incorporation of environmental issues. We will deepen our knowledge about implementation of Environmental Management System and cover aspects of environmental communication. We have to work on assignments and submit final project, too.

I am curious how these courses will be, but I feel that I will find out many useful things and I believe that it will be rewarding for our future aspirations. Of course, we will spend a lot of time with tasks and projects but it is convenient price for valuable knowledge 🙂

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Stockholm metro #2


today I will show you few metro stations which you can find in Stockholm. These could be found easily on the red line and they are amazing.

I always try to unravel the hidden meaning of each station, unfortunately, there is not so much available. I am curious why some stations look the way they do and I noticed that stations usually have a short description close to escalators. But surprisingly it is in Swedish. I googled to find out more about them, but I suppose I will not share my restricted knowledge and if you are interested, you can always use Google to find out more about the appearance of each station.

  • Mörby centrum

  • Universitetet

  • Stadion

  • Tekniska högskolan

Bye, Denisa

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What you may expect from winter in Uppsala

Did you apply to one of the Master´s Programs at SLU? Then you may expect these beauties during your stay in Uppsala.

Few days ago, snow had covered everything, and landscape immediately became magical and picturesque. Every place is now wonderful and the same I could say about Uppsala itself. I realised how beautiful Uppsala is when covered with snow and especially with that sunshine. Thus temperature of -6°C turns into bearable for walks. Despite the cold weather, you can enjoy sunshine.

Biking situation

You can still find many cyclists on the roads and biking conditions are great, however, I would expect that the cyclists path could be cleaner. As I remember, during Introduction Week they told us that some of the paths are even heated and general conditions for biking are great. Unfortunately, I am not the right person to judge biking conditions in Uppsala as my brakes on the bike do not work in this cold and bus tickets for Uppsala are included in my SL/UL ticket hence I decided to use bus and enjoy bike again during warmer months. In Stockholm, I still ride my bike and I can still enjoy it (however, sometimes it really sucks :D)

Bus ticket prices

A lot of people who were usually biking began to go with bus as the temperature decreased. Now you may be wondering about the price of tickets for bus in Uppsala. For one way (75 minutes) it costs 30 SEK for adults and there is no discount for students and one-month ticket for students is 560 SEK. I am sure that if I lived in Uppsala, I would try to bike as much as possible since the price is quite crazy (at least in comparison with what I was used to in my country). Hence, you may save a lot of money if you decide to use bike despite the snow. Anyway, your safety first and if you feel insecure on the bike and do not own a helmet, then it is clever to buy the bus ticket and avoid any accident.

Many Swedes told us that the right winter comes in January and February and they were probably right 😀 In December, it was quite warm with temperatures mostly above zero. January brought us cold and snow which has already lasted for a week and we will see how long it will stay and make the landscape beautiful.


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Trip to Skogskyrkogården


After finishing an exam, I wanted to go somewhere for a walk or just to be outside because since I came back from Prague, I spent a lot of time inside studying. Hence being some time outside was urgent. We decided to go to Skogskyrkogården which is easily reachable by green line of Stockholm metro.

Skogskyrkogården (the Woodland cemetery) is Stockholm large cemetery of almost 110 hectares which was created between 1917 and 1940 and in 1994 it has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It was designed by the architects on a pine-covered ridge and architectural elements blend in with nature, which gives you a feeling that you are in a forrest. Skogskyrkogården has had an influence on cemetery design in many countries of the world.

Stairs to Almhöjden

In this large cemetery you can find many places of interest. Firstly, you can admire nature with many thousands of pines and other trees. Secondly, there is Almhöjden, which is, in my opinion, characteristic for this cemetery. It is a hill with few trees close to the main entrance. Then there is Seven Springs Way, which has an interesting purpose. It consists of different trees and as you are approaching the Chapel of Resurrection, they become more dense and dark. Hence it may make you feel more melanchonical, however, after a ceremony, you are supposed to take the path other way round and therefore, it ensures you to leave the cemetery with a better mood. Lastly, there is many chapels, too. Another interesting fact that I found is that in contrast to other cemeteries of the time, the graves are quite small. No grave was to be larger than any other, to show that in death all people are equal.

The Woodland Crematory

Seven Springs Way

Even though it is still part of Stockholm, you will get a feeling that you are in some smaller town, especially because of cute wooden houses close to cemetery and high trees. If you go there, you will not probably spend there more than few hours, however, it is nice to see this place. I believe that visiting this place when it is sunny, covered by snow or fallen leaves must be even better than visiting it on this gloomy weather which was this time. Hence, I would say that it was not my last time there 😀




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Back to reality

After three weeks in the Czech Republic of doing only the things I wanted to, I had to get back into reality fast. At first, I planned to study during my stay at home, but surprisingly, it was not something I wanted to do and therefore I just postponed my duties until I am back in Sweden. I was easily distracted by everything and I just wanted to enjoy the moments with my family and friends and not to spoil it with school stuff. Anyway,  since my arrival, I have to study for an exam which I have to take next week and also prepare for a presentation.

How nice it would be to continue with relaxed days even now, but I just have to wait until I pass the exam and then I will do some trips and enjoy being back home again. (I am always confused about which home I should call the home hence I call a lot of places my home – better than no home, isn´t is? :D).

I have some ideas for articles in my mind, however, I will upload them later due to upcoming exam.

In case you want to follow news from SLU and know what is happening, you can follow SLU´s social media.

I wish you a luck with all your assingments, projects and exams !


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