SLU at TOP 3 universities

SLU is ranked as the third best university in the world in the fields of Agriculture & Forestry !

Last year, SLU ranked as the fourth, so that it had managed to move upwards and make it into TOP3 universities.

The ranking was carried out by the QS organization and the list of rankings for 2019 is released now.

Congratulations, SLU !

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Semla can be seen everywhere at this time of the year. It
is a cardamom bun filled with almond sugar paste and topped with whipped cream. It is related to Fettisdagen which means fat Tuesday in English. The reason for this name is probably becuase it is supposed to be your last opportunity to eat fat meals before lent-term before the Eastern. Fettisdagen where sweet Semla is the main part of this is not on fixed day hence it may occur between 3rd of February and 9th March.

This year it will be on the 5th of March!

Of course you can find Semla in every shop on Fettisdagen, but only on that day. I hope you will have an opportunity to try it. Even though I know better sweets, you have to keep traditions related with food 😀

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Looking for a job in Sweden

You may wonder how it is to study in Sweden. How busy it is, whether it is possible to have a job besides the studies and so on. So this article may help you find the answers.

As a student on a SLU programme, you are enrolled in full-time studies, which means that there is not much time for jobs, especially full-time jobs is not possible to manage at the same time with studies.

“Finding and getting a part-time job in Sweden can be quite difficult. Many students are looking for part-time jobs, which means that the demand exceeds the supply. Most employers also require Swedish language skills. With this in mind, it is not recommended to try to finance your stay in Sweden by working. Make sure you can cover your living expenses using other resources.” This is stated on SLU´s websites and I have to agree with everything in the statement. After more than one and half years in Sweden, I realised it is not easy to find a part-time job (whichever job, not within the field of study). Either no one responds to your application or one of the requirements is Swedish language.

It is really time-consuming process to find a job meaning it is possible, however, you may need some luck too. I know some international students who work at the same time with studies and sometimes it is really challenging when you have to meet the deadlines and work on assignments.

I think it is worth trying to look for a part-time job but do not expect to find something immediately after you arrive. Take your time, settle down, get know how everything works and then you will see how busy you are just with the studies. For me it was really busy, especially considering commuting from Stockholm to Uppsala, which took me a lot of time.

Good luck if you apply anywhere 🙂

Have a nice day, Denisa

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Dates to remember

There are some dates that are good to keep in mind if you applied for a Master programme.

4-6th April – you will receive results
– this date is important for you, because you will finally know whether you had been admitted 🙂

2nd September – semester starts
– the courses start in September and you will be part of SLU

As soon as you find out the results, it si good to start looking for accommodation and other necessary things because it may be really time-consuming and overwhelming. To be honest, it is not easy to find accommodation, especially if you are not present in the country and cannot do the viewing. However, keep going and you will manage to find something and finish all duties on time.

Approximately one week before the course starts (the end of August) there are some activities organised by student union for new students. Also information is provided by education office and that information is valuable so that I recommend participating that. In any case, it is better to arrive in advance to get used to new environment and culture. You will probably have to deal with organising some things too.

So, these are the main things and dates to bear in mind and you can find more details at SLU´s or University Admissions´ websites.

Have a nice day

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Writing and language support

SLU´s Library offers writing and language support for the students! There are many ways the staff in the library will help you.

The Centre for Academic Language provides support for students preparing a written or oral presentation, in Swedish or English.  They can help you with a work plan, language and style, structure, abstract technique, study technique and so on. You can ask a short question on drop-in hours (Uppsala: Wednesdays 13-15, computer room 2 at the SLU University Library). If you want to discuss something more into detail, you can ask for an appointment and you have to describe what kind of help you need and then meet a tutor at one-to-one session.

I have not used this opportunity, however, I think it is perfect if you struggle with assignments or anything else. It is really easy to ask for the advice and all librarians I had met, were always helpful and nice so I am sure they will be pleased to help you.

I recommend visiting SLU´s library websites where you can find many useful things. For example, how to correctly reference, how to search for sources, required components of paper and lot more.

I hope this article helped you and you will use this perfect opportunity that library provides 🙂

Bye, Denisa

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Greta Thunberg

You may probably heard about Greta. In case you care about environmental problems, climate change and related problems, I am sure you know who Greta Thunberh is. Only sixteen years old Swedish girl who started school strikes in order to highlight the importance of dealing with reducing carbon emissions and require the governments to act upon it.

She participated different events and gave several powerful speeches. In November 2018, she spoke at TEDx Stockholm and I mean, her speech, considering her age, is impressive !

She has gained considerable attention worldwide and I believe she is doing her stuff well. She is raising awareness about the burning issues which are necessary to deal with now.

Well done, Greta

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Writing a Master thesis


in this article I would like to highlight the main deadlines and details related to writing a Master thesis.

In my case, I started a 30 credit course on 21st of January and final submission of the thesis is on 9th of June meaning that within this period you are supposed not to have any other courses and devote your time only to a thesis project.

Course structure:

  • 18th January – Submit preliminary workplan
  • January – 4 seminars (not obligatory)
  • 1st February – Submit final workplan
  • End of March – Half-way seminar with your supervisor
  • Middle of May – Full seminar draft due
  • End of May – Thesis seminars
  • 29th May – Thesis day
  • 9th June – Final thesis submission

This is the structure that we were given, so you can see the main deadlines, however, your supervisor will have some deadlines too which is good to bear in mind since those deadlines are crucial too. 

To explain more, workplan is basically a document where you summarise your topic idea, aim and method. Later on, you will discuss it with your supervisor and submit a final version (which can still be changed or adjusted). Throughout the semester you have to follow deadlines given by your supervisor so it does not mean that you do not have to submit anything until the very last moment. You will have to submit some progresses to your supervisor. Full seminar draft is basically finished thesis which is later used for thesis seminars where you with other students discuss the theses, the things that should be done better or if there is something missing or need clarification. Thesis day is a public event/exhibition where student´s posters of theses are presented and the main findings of theses are shown in the posters. After we received feedback from other students and supervisors, we have time to work on the changes and adjustments and by 9th of June the final version has to be submitted. 

At the Department of Economics, there is one examiner who reads the theses and grades them so it takes few weeks until we know the results but here the process of the theses ends and hopefully successfully!

Now, it sounds quite scary to me 😀 I am excited to go through all of this but on the other hand it will be tough. Let´s just hope everything will end up well and everything go smoothly.

If you work on your thesis, good luck!


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Snowy Uppsala

Everything has been covered with snow since I arrived back and I find it really nice. The temperature is below zero but not too much (sometimes it is freezing a lot though) and city looks nicer. Just look at Uppsala castle surrounded by snow cover. So calming.

And this is Ulls Hus and our snowy campus. And yes, people are still biking in these conditions! Of course not as many as during warm months but it is refreshing to bike after being indoor for longer period.

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Back to SLU

So after a semester abroad in Edinbrugh, I am back in Sweden!

Everything felt so new but on the other hand nothing was new at all. It was exciting to go to SLU and finally see other classmates.

Some people went on exchange studies as well, others took distance courses and did not go to SLU either, some had an internship at some company and few stayed at SLU and took courses offered. As a result of this, we basically had no idea what other people were doing so it was so nice to hear how was the last semester for other people.

On 21st of January we had our first seminar where we received information about our Master´s thesis. This semester we are going to work on our thesis mostly individually without any lectures during the semester and hence we needed some guidance at the beginning. I found it useful since it seems that you can never be sure about how to write a thesis and it is always nice to get some more details.

However, it was freezing on our first day, it was minus 13°C and for me it was shocking since I came just the day before we started. So I had to get used to local weather quickly.

I hope you had a nice start of your semester.


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Master thesis “course”

Currently, I am taking a course ” Master Thesis in Business Administration” which is something between course and independent work on our theses and I was thinking that it would be perhaps useful for you to see how writing of a thesis works at SLU. It is also worth noting that I am writing my thesis at the Department of Economics hence I will describe the process as it is set by this department and probably other departments have different requirements or structure.

First of all, you have to apply for the course which has 30 credits so that it spans from January until June (it depends which semester you apply for it) and it is not course as you are used to since there are (in my case) only 4 introductory seminars and then meetings with your supervisor. Otherwise you have to work independently on your thesis.

Within those seminars organised during the first days, you will find out useful information and get a better overview about what is required and what structure of thesis you should follow. Most of those things should not be new because during the whole Master program you write many essays and projects where you have to follow the rules too, however, it is always good to have more structured knowledge. These seminars are usually not obligatory but the information provided is very helpful.

There is no need to look for a supervisor ahead of time because you can be assigned to one by a course leader. Of course, if you have a potential supervisor in your mind it is good to start a discussion with her/him but in case you do not know who could be a good fit with your topic, you do not have to worry – you will get a supervisor.

In the next article I will describe the process of writing as a whole, what are the deadlines and requirements. 

I believe this will be useful for you as I did not know how it works.


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