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What’s the job outlook for F/W students today?

Speaking about jobs… Where do we end up?

There’s been a couple of different answers as to what type of job we’re looking for – but where do we really end up?

Vacant position?

I’ve been in touch with the universities career counselors, who have been so kind as to send me back a bunch of data on prior alumni. Some job titles of those who have read the complete management of fish and wildlife populations course module  include:

  • Forestry consultant for the Swedish Forestry Agency or Private forestry companies.
  • Regional Hunting Administrator
  • Fish Biologist
  • Fisheries Consultant and Project Leader
  • Zookeeper
  • County Administrative Environmental Officer
  • County Administrative Conservation Officer
  • County Administrative Hunting Officer
  • Teacher, Biology & Environmental Science
  • Post Doc.

Keep your eyes and ears about you and you’ll be sure to find a spot!