Chronic wasting disease task progressing

Buck and Doe (Capreolus capreolus)

So far so good when it comes to how our individual tasks are progressing! Some extra time over the easter break has come in handy in setting my project up in a good state. It also comes as a humbling task, when I was struck by how urgent and precarious the situation is when it comes to Chronic Wasting Disease in Europe.

As 4 (?) cases of CWD have been found in Norway, we must urgently learn to apply the lessons learnt from only a few decades of disease management in the United States in order to avoid the disease becoming endemic to Europe.

As susceptibility in our own cervids seems to be high, we have to act swiftly if we are to at the very least attempt to control the spread of the disease or at best manage to eradicate this outbreak. So far, the Roe deer at home are safe from this disease – but how much resistance to the disease do they have if it spreads?

Healthy Doe.