New project, CWD Management Plan for the Nordics

Norway has found free-roaming reindeer that have been tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease.

About a third of our grade in the Fish & Wildlife Management course is based on an individual project in which we present a Policy or Management Plan which we design for anything from a local project to EU-wide implementation. In my project, I will be presenting a Policy/Mgmt. plan that which will outline suggestions for how we should cope with an eventual outbreak of CWD (which is a form of Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis, or Mad Cow Disease).

There’s extensive research that’s been done on CWD in North-America, but the disease is largely unmanaged for in a nordic setting, and I will attempt to set up a management plan for how we should handle a disease which we still know little about, has a high potential to create panic and can be a potent zoonosis.