Meet.. Matej!

What have you done before your master’s programme?

I got a bachelor’s degree in biology from University of Ljubljana and wanted to continue my masters abroad. I first studied in Umeå as a master student of ecology at Umeå University, but have since changed to MFPW at SLU. No university is perfect, but I’m happy with the change and would gladly do it again.

What’s your first memory involving an animal?

Uff, I don’t think I can point to a specific first one, but growing up in a countryside, I remember roe deer coming up to our garden in the winter and eating whatever was green and sticking out of the snow.

What made you good to go for fish and wildlife?

I’ve always been interested in wildlife (no so much in fish) especially carnivores. They represent the wilderness to me and I am so grateful that such a small country as Slovenia has the big and scary trio. Relationships between predators and their environment are of particular interest to me, recently also human dimensions of nature conservation/management. I went to study my passion thought, fully aware that at one point I will probably have to make money some other way, while wildlife will remain a lifelong hobby.

Fun hobby or fact you would like to share with us?

I’m an ecologist with an internal struggle. I don’t believe humans are a sustainable species in any way so it’s just a matter of time before we destroy ourselves and the environment. Why save it then? I give evolution full points for trying, but sometimes things just go to shit and you end up with a failed science project.

Dream job to land straight after graduation?

If someone pays me to travel the world and take pictures. Not really looking to jump strait into the job market after graduation, I need to travel and get lost for a while.

Fish, birds or wildlife?

Wildlife, birds, fish; in that order of preference.

My questions: Beer, wine or whisky? I head you lived in many different countries, which one is your favourite, and why? What are you afraid of? Through a complicated (but totally believable!) process you got selected as a new master program coordinator. What would you change? What do you strive for the most in life? Last question will be the same as yours: fish, birds or wildlife?

Thanks for the extra questions Matej! I’ll answer them in an upcoming blog entry (I’ll paste a link below).

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