Skyline here and there

It’s just so amazing that a half an hour train ride takes you from Malmö to Denmark. And it’s not a regular kind of journey, but across the Öresund Bridge overarching the strait of the Baltic Sea. Worth an experience in itself!

When it’s a sunny day, you can see the outlines of the tall buildings in Copenhagen, drawing out a small, blurry skyline on the other side of the Öresund. We often try to determine which one is which but at the end, we never can be certain who was right with the identification. And then we got the idea: why not actually go there and make sure we guessed it well? For a while, we’ve been planning to go over for a day’s stroll anyway and the things to check out in Copenhagen just piled up on my list. So after all the common touristic attractions, this trip was decided to run under the headline – the famous Danish architecture.

After arriving to the capital we were immediately dragged to the water as a magnetic force. We walked along the canal trying to avoid the currents of tourists while started to work through our “to see” list. One of our first stops were the Danish Architectural Centre, suggested by a friend of mine to tag by. And that’s how we stumbled upon the main director of our latter trip- a book called the “Guide to new architecture in Copenhagen”. With this paper companion our architecture tour got a lot more content and meaning as we thought.

By opening the guide we got a bit carried a way and started spotting at more and more cool stuff we haven’t had on our list before. However, it took us for an inspiring ride in the city touching plenty of water elements such as piers, bridges, boardwalks. It made us even interested to vagabond to the power plants and factories what we see from the Swedish side day by day. Can you imagine that the new facility of the industry will have a ski slope in addition? We witnessed that realization is in progress and it’s indeed going to happen!

After a day checking the architecture in Copenhagen we took the train back. Tired but full of new experiences and information we stared at our well known skyline from the window: scanning the view from Malmö, along Lomma bay until the former nuclear power plant, Barsebäck.

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