Hills and heath

Sunday morning I really had bumble bees to go somewhere. So I just opened my Skåne hiking book and searched for a round trip suggestion. It didn’t take us 5 minutes to decide and we were on our way not long after it. Drakamöllan, here we come!

From my hiking guide in Swedish I can’t figure out that much information (yet!) besides studying the pictures. So only when we got there, could realize how incredible place we chose to visit.

The Drakamöllan nature reserve contains one of the most valuable and rarest habitat types of Sweden! It has a sandy-soil terrain which is a perfect place to thrive for grassy pastures interspersed with unique sand steppe habitat.

It is not overreaction to say, I am a big fan of this steppe landscape dominated by heath and juniper. But did you know that they need maintenance to look like that? These vegetation types are remains of a cultural landscape which could have developed with cultivation and grazing activities on land. So to prevent it from being overgrown by other species it needs regular caring. If you see sooty spots on the fields, there is nothing went wrong! Apart from using it as a pasture land, they even burn it (!) and also harrow and plough the sandy parts to preserve the area’s values.

It was such a not everyday experience to walk around in the hilly heath landscape, the sight of the Baltic sea in the background was just an additional spice. I bet it’s gorgeous in late summer when all the fields are covered in lilac by the blossoming heather.

While coming home, and staring out of the window, I realized how much I admire the West Scanian landscape around. Sometimes I complain about the surrounding flat terrain and wish it was that hilly as on the eastern side. But then I got it, how special it is to look around and watch the scenery in 360 degrees. See the towers of the cathedral in Lund, Turning torso, the Öresund bridge and Copenhagen at the same time. And the hilly counterpart is just within an hour’s reach, I can always jump there for a visit. And now I already have a fixed appointment, in late summer! 😉

photo by David Zimmerling

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