Fössta tossdan i mass

Pardon? Do you mean the first Thursday of March? Can I take the liberty to ask: are you accidentally from Småland?

It’s a returning statement but: Swedes are amazing. Especially their attitude to food and celebration. They have a feast to eat Cinnamon bun on the 4th of October as a greeting of the autumn. Obligatory “Semla” consumption on Shrove Tuesday before the fast begins. Or the Waffle day on the 25th of March, basically just because they like to eat it. These sounds a bit humorous for the first time, but are more or less understandable. Who wouldn’t like to have an official reason to eat a bit more pudding as usual?! But listen, I’ve just run across something crazy.

On the 2nd of March, at lunch break I saw a bunch of students gathering in a circle over a cake. I assumed obviously a birthday or something, nothing particular. But then a Swedish friend of mine pointed out, it’s far not a regular anniversary: people from the Swedish county, Småland celebrate the first Thursday of March by eating a marzipan cake.

You might ask yourself “why” and you don’t need to feel ashamed. I had exactly the same question. The answer could not be more obvious: the people from Småland miss saying the ”r” sound in their dialect which made the rest of Sweden pick on them. Instead of saying “första torsdagen i mars” these poor people perform a : ”fössta tossdan i mass” (too bad you can’ hear it right now).

This is actually funny but not worth a comment. But how they retorted is worth an applause: the folks of Småland didn’t let themselves be exposed to ridicule. Instead, they started eating marzipan cake on the first Thursday of March! How amazing is that?! Even in bakeries you can see colorful and rich-in-sugar-looking marzipan cakes, some even with a “fössta tossdan I mass” caption on it!

So, people. Stay to your fatherland and to your dialect and eat a cake!

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