Are you finally around the corner? Pretty please, we need you!

The other day, I took my bike for a spin to sniff some fresh air. I more or less had a spot I wanted to reach but the snowy-icy road conditions gave me a challenge. So I set up a compromise to just go until I easily can do. But eventually, I made it, and got to Borgeby Slott.

As it was written on the board, the castle has a history leaning back to the 11th century. Thousand years! And the simple, but majestic architecture has been standing there since the 15-16 hundreds. It is possible to take a tour inside as well, but this time of the year, I only had the chance to look at it from the outside. So I decided to go for some careful loops in the fresh snow to discover.

But what actually impressed me the most was not what I found around the castle but when I moved a bit further. There was a river in the valley! An unexpectedly wide watercourse, half ice covered with ducks enjoying the stream and a new wooden pier leading aside. Quite cool construction. I needed to have a closer look. When I walked down the hill to reach the shore, I realized some even cooler stuff: a little cottage just at the water. It’s the base of a kayaking-canoeing club and renting station! Obviously, closed…

However, the situation is not hopeless: now, that the snow has melted, it’s visible – spring’s harbingers are definitely coming. The snowdrops are here and the winter aconites has started popping their yellow heads up. On the top, the first hellebores are going to bloom in a few days.

Spring is around the corner. But still a few more weeks just about dreaming of going with the canoe down the river. However, the day will come. Until that, I’ll just stay with my ordinary, well-functioning two-wheeler companion and go for some other rounds of discoveries.

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