Snogeholm throwback

Huh, it has been a heavy week! We had a lot to do for school. When I received photos from our Snogeholm adventure, it was a relaxing break to just look through them.

Some of them I like so much that I couldn’t resist sharing.

“During our visit, we were walking around among the stands following the green dot painted on tree trunks.”

“The green dot was undoubtedly necessary because there was a big difference from a hiking path in the woods: there was no pathway.”

“As I was walking around I realised how much I liked to be there in winter. To observe the open passages…”

“…the diverse or just monoculture forest edges making gradient or sharp borders without their green leafage.”

However, this is just a brief catch up with characteristic elements, amusing stand details, transitions, landscape types so that you can have a picture in mind. But doesn’t substitute any visits!

Credits for the nice shots to David Zimmerling

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