Me and my bike – Part II

Ruling the roads, huh? Where is the girl from the latest blog post thinking and showing she is on her way of becoming a real Scandinavian cyclist? I have a confession, it doesn’t work out all the time. As I said before, there is still a lot to acquire…

I was already wondering, how on Earth it is possible that Lund – a big bike-friendly city – is not drowning in the sea of parking bicycles. You don’t need to maneuver between carelessly put off and fell down vehicles. On the contrary, they seems so well organised and only placed at designated spots. No worries, now I got a first-hand answer why: they take away the improperly left bikes!

I have already known that they have a “maintenance” crew for this purpose in Amsterdam to save the city from being messy and keep it neat. But Lund? I have to agree with the fact that the surroundings of the central station is quite busy and packed with bicycles. No need for excuses, I was in a big hurry tho, so I just parked my bike next to the shed, not in it. Although it ran through my mind that it wasn’t the prettiest way of leaving it there, I didn’t think about any serious consequences.

To my surprise, my beloved two-wheeler was long gone when I arrived back. I could describe my feelings as dismay, panic and sorrow alternating second by second while scanning all parking places in the vicinity. Nil. I could just hope that it has only been relocated and is waiting for me somewhere… After a fast research in the coldness, I found that the poorly treated bikes in Lund have a webpage to orientate the desperate and negligent owners! Fortunately, after contacting them, it turned out, they have my missing and I can pick it up anytime… I have never been happier to see my rickety, slightly rusty cruiser again. *Sigh of relief*

So, watch out, where you park. You can spend your 200 krona better than reclaiming your sad bike from the depot, don’t you?

So here I am again, back on the roads, brace yourselves!

Ruling the roads

Let me share the experience of a girl raised in a hilly cityscape using exclusively public transport or commuting by car, but never have ridden a bike within the busy capital. Believe me, there is so much to acquire…

It’s a very affordable means of transportation, a good exercise for the body and a tool that makes you independent of bus schedules… Therefore I decided to take the bicycle to Alnarp every school day.

Although it’s not the well-known Copenhagen, the area of Malmö and Lund also has a big focus on cycling. You can safely speed on your two wheeled vehicle wherever you’re heading. There are even plans for building a bicycle highway between the two cities to enhance the traffic connection. Fortunately, you don’t meet scary inclines, or heavy slopes on road, the region of Skåne is just as flat as a pancake. Although, it’s possible to survive without gears, as I do, there is a big enemy to combat: the restless wind!

I always have the perception that I cycle in headwind, no matter which direction I choose to go. But what is widely known here, the weather has a very whimsical trait and it’s absolutely unpredictable. A light drizzle or a short shower can catch you anytime. But there is no need to panic. Make sure you have the right equipment to go, rainpants and wind jacket are highly advisory, and gloves under any circumstances. You can even get you bike synchronized for winter roads and get ice spikes on your wheels.

Arriving at the university in Alnarp, it feels comfortable that you always have space in a bike shed to put off your companion, even though it might sound a very basic requirement. There is even a “luft station” next to the main entrance, where you can inflate the flat tires.

Parking, lock on, exercise done – the day can start.

Shine bright like a Swede

I have an increasing feeling about Swedes… They are well-known about being decent and modest in their daily life. But when it comes to partying, they turn to be the craziest and wildest people I know!

My last experience feels like a perfect confirmation of my hypothesis. I attended the year’s most popular party of all (at SLU), where everyone shines bright like a diamond – the one and only GLITTER PARTY. So what you have to do is to find a costume with thousands of flitters, put on a vast amount of sparkling accessories and apply a massive amount of glitter gel on your body. Then you might look suitable to enter. But the tinfoil is always a cheap and practical friend of you, if you still feel underdressed for the event. Don’t take this wrong, but I think, one thing is simply impossible: you can never get above a Swede, no matter how hard you try.

It doesn’t only apply for the theme parties – like this glitter party – where they wear the most hilarious, innovative and creative dresses. They have an outstanding party spirit in itself. Especially, I am completely amazed by is the uninhibited dancing style they perform. They don’t bother about what people could think. They’ll just give themselves. On the top, I am in love that they tend to start dancing ballroom dances for the latest hits as well. So classy!

I wonder what their secret is…

Maybe the frequently played Swedish pop-songs give them the power. Or it might be the fact that they end up the party at 2 am, so they have to give everything into that. , it might be a bit too much expression, but still they simply rule the dance floor. They are the soul of the party.

Can’t wait for the next one!