Excursion to 3 different farms!

Yesterday our course was divided into three small groups to visit three different farms: Rinnebäcks gård/ Värpinge golfbana, Bokeslundsgården & Romelekött. Two of them we already visited now but our group went to Romelekött, a farm in Veberöd.
They have around 300ha crop land, 150ha forest and 150ha grazing land for their cows and sheeps. The farm focus on meat and crop production. Their business strategy is a close connection to their consumers and to have a diverse business going on.
The owner was very open minded, invited us afterwards to juice & cookies and drove with us through their property. We also were allowed to take a little walk with the dog which was really cool.

The exercise is know to analyse the farmers needs for advisory services. Therefore we have to write an individual assignment.

By the way, today is Valborg Fest! All people are celebrating it at the moment with candles, lights and fires. It is a nice spectacle! 🙂

Romelekött: sheeps
Romelekött: shelter for cows

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