Working as a farmer

Recently, I (Ludwig) was hired on a farm as part-time farmer here in Skåne. I was lucky to get this job because this farm needs some more working force, due to its conversion to organic. Organic farming means more work in several areas. For instance in the weed management it seems quite efficient, to spray herbicides and the weeds are mostly killed. In organic farming these external inputs are restricted. Therefore it is necessary to e. g. work the weeds mechanically, for instance with a harrow.

This job means to me to get more experienced in practical farming and to follow the operation flow of the farm during a longer time. I am happy that I can manage this beside the studies even though its only 1-2 days per week at the beginning. Furthermore, I can bring in some valuable experiences and knowledge that could help the farm developing further. I will keep you updated how it is going there.

At the moment the work focusses on maintenance and rebuilding and preparing machines for the coming season. For instance the harrow, that I talked about before, needs to be revised and repaired. By doing that I get to know all the machines that I am going to work with later.

The Einböck harrow, including a sowing unit (8m working width), in the workshop.

2 thoughts on “Working as a farmer

  1. Happy to see the blog well and alive. Thank you Jana and Ludwig!

    I was the first one to use this blog back in 2016(?) and I always hoped for it to be shared between several students sharing experiences from the Agroecology program at SLU Alnarp. Glad it turned out that way! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Hi Robin!
    Nice to hear from you! 🙂
    We are in contact with some other Agroecology students from the past years and are planning an Alumni meeting! Have you maybe already heard of this?
    It would be great if you have the possibility to join and to hear what you are doing now 😉

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