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See you next year!

Hi there,

this is our last post for this year. We are excited to look back on a semester full of studying, getting to know many nice people, experience some Swedish culture and collecting great inputs of new ideas and thoughts. 

We will let you know whats going on next year soon. But now it is time for some rest and maybe a Bastu (Sauna) for new years eve?

See you next year!

Best regards, Ludwig

Agroecology day 2019

Hej hej,

we already wrote about the “Agroecology day” but now it gets more serious.  😉
The “Agroecology day” is a recurring annual event which exists quite a long time now (7 or 8 years). It is organised by creative students and in 2019 it will be our task to arrange this day. We already had a meeting where we had some brain storming about the topic (every year it is a different issue to address), the speakers, financial funding etc. We have the possibility to organise lectures and workshops or show movies. The last Agroecology days became full day events. It is really exciting to create a day full of issues about food security and sustainability which hopefully let people more and more think about our current consumer behaviour and how we can contribute to a more sustainable world. I think it is important to clarify that this is a process where different stakeholders have to come together and develop solutions jointly. We try to inspire as many people as we can 😉

To inspire you a bit more, I will send you the link to the Agroecology day from 2017:

It will be exciting how the day will look, I am looking forward to it a lot!

Christmas break

Hej hej,

at the moment most of us are at home and everyone is enjoying Christmas with friends & family. 
Nevertheless, there are some small tasks to do. Ludwig finished his group work and his individual paper before Christmas, I have to hand in a draft of my individual paper on the 4th of January. But at the end it is a question of motivation as you can imagine 😉

In November we applied for Erasmus for the second Master´s year. The deadline was the first of December and now we are waiting for the results which we will get around at the end of January/beginning of February. This is gonna be exciting!
And we were also searching for courses in Uppsala, where is another location of SLU. You can easily apply for courses (2 month for each course) there but you have to organise an accommodation for this time by yourself – this might be the most obstructive thing. In Uppsala are a lot of animal science courses (animal welfare, feed etc.) which are really interesting! To transfer the credit points is not a problem, because it is still SLU, just another place to study.

Enjoy your time at home! 🙂


At the 13th of December the Swedes celebrate the Saint Lucy. I won´t bother you with the whole store, read more about it here:

What we did to celebrate Luciafesten was having a very traditional Christmas dinner, called “Julmiddag”, with our friends here from the university. One Swede of them prepared a very nice menu that we cooked then together. And it proved actually very tasty. So what was in there?

The Swedish Julmiddag is supposed to be something like this:

  • Sweet Christmas bread (Jul Bröd)
  • Boiled Eggs (Egg)
  • Christmas Cheese (Jul Ost)
  • Herring in Mustard-Dill-Sauce (Sill)
  • Gingerbread cookies (Pepparkakor)
  • Cheese-paste
  • Popatoes (Potatis)
  • Köttbullar
  • Prince-Sausages (Prins Korv)
  • Onion-Creme-Fraiché Sauce
  • Mulled Wine (Glögg)
  • Redbeet sallad
  • And some additional sweets or dessert


Hope you have inspiration now for a nice Swedish dinner! (Unfortunately I have no picture of the meal.)

Before our dinner a classmate of us was singing with the university choir in the library. They sang traditional Swedish  Lucia and Christmas songs. The most exciting thing is that one of the choir members wore a hat with candles on it. Every other member was holding candles, what made a very cozy setting in the Swedish winter darkness. 😉 Here you can have an impression how it looks and sounds:


Agroecology meeting

This week we met the elderly 😉 Agroecology students. It was the first time (since 2011, the starting of the Agroecology programme) that three generations of students from this programme came together. We met in the rooms of the student union, that one can book for such purposes. There we cooked a pretty diverse dinner (so diverse as Agroecology can be 😉 ) and had a lot of interesting talks.

The core purpose of this meeting was to connect in between generations of students. Soon some critique about the programme came up as well that was worth to discuss and beeing shared. We decided to have this meetings more regularly in the next year. We´ll see what the outcome of this once will be. But anyway it is worth to share opinions and learn from the higher semesters about their experiences. Especially because this programme consists only of such few students.

Stay tuned, Ludwig

Perennial grain

Hej hej,

now the lectures are almost over and it is time for group work and individual assignments. In both of our courses we can choose a topic for the individual paper by ourself. While searching for literature and reference we came across an interesting website, called “The Land Institute” ( They do a lot of research about perennial wheat, perennial oilseeds and perennial legumes. The perennial wheat program at The Land Institute creates hybrids made from crossing annual wheat varieties with wheatgrass species. They also have a global inventory project which is a collaboration between this institute, one of the world´s largest research botanical gardens and the Saint Louis University. The goal is to identify wild, herbaceous perennial species for pre-breeding and usage in perennial crop polycultures.
This was a topic I never thought about: For me, growing grains was always an annual practice. If you are interested in, just visit the website, it´s worth it. There is also a lot of research about perennial grain done at SLU Alnarp.

This week will be exciting: we will have an Agroecology-meeting, hopefully with a lot of Agroecology students from different years and we will celebrate Saint Lucy’s day.
So, until next time! 🙂