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Fika with friends

This weekend we got some visit from Germany. To introduce our friends a bit to Sweden we had done some traditional Swedish stuff: Kubb and Kanelbullar.
Let´s write at first something about the sporty activity. We played the traditional Swedish throwing game with the wooden bricks on the grass and on the beach and we had so much fun. But the wind was our strongest enemy! It is one of the best board games and you can play it almost everywhere – with just two or up to 14 people.

Playing Kubb at Lomma´s beach.



The second traditional activity was making the kanelbullar. Therefore we invited some fellow students of us. The basic dough we did together but afterwards everyone tried to make the best little kanelbullar. At the end there was a huge diversity of different kinds of kanelbullar: some very traditional ones, some with a butter-sugar- nut creme, some with  hazelnuts, almonds, apples, chocolate. We made a competition out of it so don´t think it was harmonious.. 😉

So, if you are gonna move to Sweden you will definitely have to do at least this two things!

“A-HA Svenska Äpplen”

Today, on a wonderful Swedish autumn weekend, we went to Kivik at the east coast of Skåne. There we went to a so called “Skördefest” an harvest festival which was all about apples. Yes, you read right: an apple festival! What an amazing thing. 😀 There we saw documentaries about apple orchards, apple growing and harvest, landscapes made out of apples and more amazing things.

Landscape made out of apples.
Apple walls from past years.







Check out the website:

Then there was also a market where you could buy any product that you can imagine made out of apples: jam, juice, wine, liquor, chocolate apples, … we tasted several apple and pear varieties and had a very nice lunch. The most amazing thing was a big picture (approx. 10×20 meter) made of apples (see picture below).

“Apple wall 2018” at Applemarknaden in Kivik.

In front of that apple picture a group was performing traditional Swedish folk dance. As accompaniment they had their own band with traditional and ancient instruments. We really enjoyed it to ave a little insight in the Swedish culture and like to share that here with you.

The “Applemarknaden” in Kivik happens every year and for each year they “paint” a new apple wall painting. So you can be exited to visit the festival next year if you are going to study here in Alnarp.

Cheers, Ludwig

Harvesting party!

Hej hej,

today was the harvest party from the Odlingsutskottet – the growing group from the student union in Alnarp. This group consists of students and they are growing vegetables on the campus the whole year. During this week all the vegetables like kale, tomatoes, potatoes & Co were harvested and were prepared and cooked the whole day. It was so nice to join the work in the kitchen and the decoration was amazing: everywhere were hanging flowers and laying squashes and colourful leaves. Every year they have a special menu and the group decides what comes on the table. So, don´t miss to join the Odlingsutskottet!

Hopefully you got a bit jealous now! 🙂
See you next time,

Preparing the bread

Farm excursions

Hej hej,
Mossagården´s vegetables

today we hat a lot of fun during our different farm excursions. One week ago our course Agroecology basics was divided into small groups of students. We worked on different e-cases as a preparation for the real farm visit which we had today. My group visited Mossagården, an organic farm with 10 ha of hemp production. You can imagine how excited we have been. We spent two hours with the farmers, had some nice talks and a little Fika. Fika – the swedish coffee and kanelbullar break – is very important, so don´t miss it!
At the moment we have a lot of group work and this is pretty nice. You really get to know your fellow students and it is a good mix between lectures and relaxing a bit.

Ludwig´s farm visit at Tofta gård

At the weekend there was a farmer´s market in Lund where you had a diverse offer of every vegetable you could imagine. So if you want to try new things and if you like fresh food there are always opportunities to get some.

See you next time & käraste hälsningar!

Från Tyskland till Sverige – a warm welcome to everybody!


Now it´s my turn – Ludwig is writing here. As Jana already mentioned we are running that blog together and are trying to keep you updated as often as possible what is going on in Alnarp.

So where to start … that is hard! We are already here for about three weeks and the time runs fast. Because the semester in Sweden already starts at beginning of September there was not really a gap for us between finishing our Bachelors in Germany an the beginning of the Masters in Alnarp. Maybe I start to introduce myself and my background a litte bit:

I´ve studied Agricultural Sciences together with Jana in Germany. That education was quite focused on large scale farming in a conventional way. Because in Germany there are a lot of big farms that you could not imagine here in Sverige. (By the way: we are trying to lern Swedish so don´t be afraid if there will be some Swenglish in between. My goal is to be fluent at Svensk one time.)

I mentioned large scale farming because Agroecology (in Alnarp) is mainly focussed on smaller farms. I mean e.g. the farm that is runned by the SLU here in Alnarp works on 430 ha, what is not really large in german scales, but yet for Sweden.
The Agroecology concept what we are exploring and learning here in our first Agroecology basics course is a holistic view on the whole food system that includes ecosystems, sciences as well as social aspects as humans defined as parts of the ecosystem.

So far so good. Now I just did a jump with you in to the content of the study program. Hopefully you have got a little insight and we will definitely share more of that with you.
As well we are going to tell you how our life in Sweden is going on and what´s happening besides studying. I promise: it´s going to be exciting! 😉

Vi ses (see you)!

That is studying in Alnarp-campus – right in front of the castle.

New country, new university, new people

Hej hej,

welcome everyone! At the beginning I have to mention that Ludwig & I are doing this blog together – so don´t be confused to read two different names sometimes. There is so much to talk about and we don not really know where to start so we try to let you participate as much as we can!
At first I will introduce myself briefly. I am Jana from Germany and I studied agricultural sciences in the Bachelor before I went to Sweden two weeks ago to study “Agroecology” in the Master´s program. Because I read so much about the “Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet” in Alnarp in different journals at home, I decided in May 2018 to visit the university and the campus in Alnarp. And this convinced me totally: to study in a park with such a diversity of plants, a lot of nice places to hang out and fancy buildings (a huge “hogwarts” castle & old barns which were rebuilt into lecture halls and seminar rooms) were reasons enough to come to Alnarp.

Because we are overjoyed to live in the countryside and were not sure to get an accommodation on the campus we looked for something else and found a beautiful old farm 2 kilometres far away from the campus. There are we living now but before we arrived we got the information that there is still space to live on the campus, so don´t be afraid of do not getting an accommodation. If some people don´t show up there are often some apartments free.

This first entry is quite long but I still have to mention the student union! There are two student unions in Alnarp and we choosed the ASK, Alnarps Studentkår which is responsible for all student except the Bachelor agriculture students. I joined the gardening club “Odlingsutskottet” from the ASK and it is a great opportunity to learn a lot of practical stuff about growing vegetables and fruits. At the moment we´re preparing the harvest party which is once a year, organized by this club. Don´t miss the nice company and special (hopefully tasty) food when you are here! 🙂

See you soon!