Wild Science

Inspired by Soapbox Science UmeƄ 2018 we decided to host an innovative science outreach at Skukuza tourist camp.

19 great presentations on a diverse range of topics

“Why Europe has no elephants and why that matters” by Simon 
“Some trees really like being eaten” by Karin
“Did you know that Rhinos might cool the climate?” by Olli
“Is there a cost to being the alpha male?” by Kyle
“Did you know that geese cause stomach ache?” by Malin
“How listening to local communities can help us save wildlife” by Mabatho
“Did you know that ticks are picky eaters?” by Nannet
“Did you know that elephants also have gentlemen’s clubs?” by Jay
“Understanding social concepts by analogy of ‘The Lion King'” by Katarina
“Spotting animals with spit” by Julia
“Did you know that moose like ‘candy’ ?” by Sabine
“Did you know that elephants plant trees?” by Antoinette
“Who has more time on their paws? Rural or urban mongoose” by Jarryd
“Did you know there is a link between wolves and your mother-in-law?” by Annie
“Did you know that wire is a silent killer of wildlife?” by Agostinho
“Did you now there is a pharmacy in your garden?” by Francois
“How to deal with crop-raiding elephants and sneaky monkeys” by Joana
“Did you know that salmon travel thousands of miles and still find their way home?” by Linda